over 8 years ago

May 18, 2010

First time I woke up, I recalled being back up at the ECETI sanctuary, and I remember seeing and talking with 'little people'. There were fairies, gnomes, elves and something else too. I know there are many types of 'little people' of the Inner Earth. Probably more than any fairy tales that we still have, have let onto. I was in a hypnogogic state but I do remember thanking my guides and giving thanks to Bokar my guide from the Inner Earth. He's an elven teacher and master, and I need to continue developing my inner sensitivity and working on full-spectrum health so that I may maintain, and continue raising, my 'Vibration' It's been about a week since I've put smoke into my body, so I need to continue the inner work and healing. I know that as I stay true to my path and my mission, things will be revealed to me at the right moments.
This part of my dream, I have trouble remembering the initial parts. One part I was in another body, I think I was mexican and remember a lot of foreign looking people. I recall making some mistake with unintentionally wronging somebody, and I was worried they were going to get back at me – perhaps it was involved with a gang or something. I was with a friend, and we went into a bar where family/friends were and I was telling them I love them and I don't know if I'll see them again. They wished me luck.

There was this big old theater stage that was all rusted, and it was on wheels like some giant semi truck could hitch up and take it places. It was unfolded and the stage was very large.. I climbed up and jumped across to the highest point. Looking down I thought “Oh wow I didn't realize how high up I was, I could hurt myself if I fall! Maybe even die!” I recall Aja being with me all of the sudden, she came up to the part where I was and I remember saying that we should try flying by jumping off the stage. She thought we couldn't do it and we would get hurt. But we held hands and jumped off and I remember staying up in the air but she fell and I pulled her up into the air and tossed her way up, and as she went up I went down and I awoke in a half-asleep state. I was very aware of my physical existence through all of these dreams, half of the time that is.

There was another part of my dreams, as I fell back asleep for a few hours, waking up here and there but staying mostly asleep. I recall being at the old property, where my childhood home still stands. There was a tent out in the front yard, where I was sleeping and I think someone else was too. I can't really remember who was with me initially. But there was this part where my parents came and I was talking to them. Recently I've had dreams with my parents involved, in which something triggers me to throw a sort of temper tantrum, or sympathy tantrum, to put it more accurately. In these dreams a part of me knows I am doing the unnecessary, but a part of me just doesn't listen and I continue with the fit. In this dream, I remember my dad wasn't giving me attention or understanding, or made me feel like he didn't believe me – about what I am not sure.. All I remember is getting upset and crying and saying I was going to leave forever, or die, or something.. and I started to walk away, down Graham's ferry road. Just when I was walking away I finally was able to get my awareness back, and I realized how silly that all was, and I turned back towards the house.. This large armored truck/fire truck driven by some police or fire chief passed me and the guy stared as he passed, then turned right at this neighborhood driveway I've never been down, which was put in as we were moving out and the neighborhoods started to engulf our acreage.

Well I remember getting back to the house and my mother was there, with Liza. They both looked great and young, and I noticed they were in a day-dream like daze with great big grins. Liza was constantly looking around, amused. I asked my mother a few things, “Mom, are you awake?”.. “No”.. “Are you sleeping?” “Yes” “Are you dreaming?” “Yeah” .. it was very strange. I remember knowing that I was asleep in my bed, but I felt that in this other plane, I was meeting up an unconscious part of my mother and her friend, and I was trying to get them to become Lucid. At this point of the brief conversation, I noticed things started to get all grey and foggy and I knew I was about to wake up,.I tried to keep myself in the dream, but I woke up. And immediately called my mom to see if she had a dream, she said she couldn't remember it..

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