9 years ago
Treble Clef

There are many people I do not recognise and the vibe is quite busy...
There is a man to my left... I call him Adam.
He seems fixated on something very important.
He (Adam) feels very significant to me and I try to get his attention.
He turns to me- present, yet distracted...
He has blonde hair and amazing bright blue clear eyes.

He asks me not to speak with him, as he is on an incredibly important mission.
I persist but he gets flustered and walks away.

As he walks away I notice that he has several dark tattoos that seem t almost shimmer and swim on his skin.
But the very clear one that stands out to me is on the back of his left calf:
Time seems to stop as I stare at the symbol that I can only describe as a treble clef based on the golden ratio.

I run after Adam and I insist that he is "meant" to tell me something...
He hesitates, and seems a little annoyed as if it were something I should already know.
He raises his hands to either side of his head and makes a gesture while closing his eyes.

From that moment he no longer needed to speak to me through his mouth; he had plugged me into his experience.
He tells me that he has just gained/remembered a very special ability;
If he focuses on a memory, he is able to "revisit" that memory, and know the exact latitude and longitude where that memory took place and all other kinds of infomation (weather etc).

To illustrate his point he decides to show me...

I look up and flashing in my minds eye, is a bunch of letters, numbers and symbols.
(Mostly kind of "scrolling"accross the top of my vision)
I focus on a group of them and realise that it is a latitude/longitude coordinate.

Then, suddenly I am in a dark alleyway, with Adam's words rolling around in my mind:
"This is when I was born"
Adam is standing to my right, eyes shut, hands still up to either side of his head, looking tranced out.
I try to get his attention but realise that he is unaware of my presence because we are re-living his memory.

I look around and see a big dumpster in front of me.
I look inside it and see it is full of rubbish with a woman lying on top on her back.
She is pregnant and about to give birth.
Her stomach is covered in what looks like decomposing flowers and plant matter.
She is deathly still and I begin to think she is dead.
I hear a beautiful song playing... I looked at her face and realised she was singing with her eyes closed.
At that moment I felt blood flow from my yoni.

I start to stress a bit and turn to ask Adam something. I asked him many things... one of them was "Am I giving birth to you?" but he was tranced out and still unaware...
Something like fear embraces and enters me and the next bit is a bit fuzzy...

Then suddenly I am standing in a room in an apartment with big windows looking down on the alley which I was just in.

I see someone, my good friend I think, walking down the alleyway with a scarf over her head.
I call to her but no sound comes from my mouth.
I suddeny feel certain that someone or something is "coming for me".
I try to hide under a shelf and cover myself with clothes

Then a luminous man and woman walk in.
Their faces flicker and they look like everyone I have ever loved.
They laugh at me good naturedly (desperately shoving myself beneath a pile of clothes) and they tell me to come out from hiding.

They tell me there was never anything to fear.

Then I awake.

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