over 9 years ago
multy player virtual game dream reality

luke brown has been reading to me of the gifts of the dikinis,, i go to bed

i find my self in a cave
pink red crystal ruby floor
a large qwaurts crystal is in the floor, it fades in and out of reality
i am here with drunvalo melchizadeck
3 women in the backround....
we are here trying to activate the large crystal
i remove a same shaped crystal from my third eye peircing,, and place and scale it in place

a bass guitar is conveinently there, i strik it,,,,
the large quartz crystal lights up with resonance
we activate each apex of the crystal red and green popups show our mistakes of sequence,,

drunvalo comes and shows the corect sequences that raps around in a raticello matrix

it then opens up into some sort of alien technological screen,
displayying the earth, or a version of the earth
it zooms into japan closer n closer, where we see a young japanes boy
we follow him about for a moment,,in his street
his relativeness is big yet unkown,,,,,
the style of the virtual projection is somewhat crude 64 bit 3d crude,polygons

we pull back to the screen room, there are now 7 people around the panel
all diferent nationalities, we all go back into the virtual domain,
we do some misiion on reteurning one of the women on the team has been lost in the virtual dream world. ,, we learn this is the danger of this mission, los of lucidity
.a few of us stay to try and retrieve her,,

we re enetr, again the world has a distinct 64 bit style,
yet infinatly zoom in able i admire the dream code , like some kind of quantum computations being made,,,,

we search this dream city, with no luck on finding her
we rush to get back to the ports to the room.
one of the team, bumps one of the virtual characters,,
thinking hes not real then gets followed and atacks the team member,
giving him a nose bleed and bashes him into the retern port machine,,
it disolves and shrinks the device in some kind of dmt cogwork machinary, but we all make it back ok,,
the lesson seemd that even tho the dream was virtual, synthetic, the characters all had sentient conciousness,, with karmic reprocusions,,

i awake here,,,,,
a voice in my head distinctavly tells me to sit on the ground to take my notes....

note,, the relativeness of the japanese kid,,
a feeling he may be the creator of this 3d dream feild
yet to be created in the future

note to dreamcatcher team..
i need a descktop version of the dreamcatcher,,,, as i had no access to the internet in my wood pagoda here in bali,,,

my trusty dream journal did the job tho,,

dream dictionaries
dream dictionaries
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