over 8 years ago
Fancy Restaurant with Aussies & Family

I dreamed that I walked into Tom Forts house and asked him why Matty wasn't in Cobalt anymore. He said long story I'll tell you later. Then I went over to the table and Elenore was sitting there with her long blond hair. She was sad and I asked her why, she got up and said that she had a miss carriage. I looked at the floor and when I looked back up her head was shaved.

After that several old ladies came in dressed to the hilt in gaudy attire, big rings and church hats. There were all talking. Then some of my relatives came in. My Grandma Oris, her brother, my Great Uncle Don, and my Uncle Gary and Aunt Natalie's brother in law Phil. They all sat down and were talking.

Then my Grandma and her brother and I decided to go to this fancy restaurant. I was driving and it was raining. We were in Bloomington. I pulled up to the restaurant which was on 3rd St. just after Jordan heading West. I had a very hard time parking and kept sliding too far. I had to back up and pull forward like 8 times before I got it right, and then I think I didn't even get it right I just gave up and stopped the car.

We walked in and sat down. They were talking deeply and I was bored and started playing with my phone. Before long I noticed some Aussie friends come in and was very surprised to see them. I asked where they had come from and they said that Sudheesh brought them. I gave him a hug and said hello. When I sat down again a woman emerged from under my table and said her name was Laura, I instantly recognized her as Carlita's sister but instead of her twin who is actually named Laura, it was a younger sister with blond hair, but she still looked like Carlita. I said I had always wanted to meet her and she acted surprised and said "Really?!?" (I got the feeling she felt second rate to the twins and she was happily surprised that knew who she was and wanted to meet her).

I went to the front door of the restaurant and met Celena Delphi and Sasha Rose and they walked in. I told them about the Aussies. They said "Hey what's down here" and started walking down a hall I hadn't seen before. There was a full indoor swimming pool and hot tub in low lighting with a few sky lights letting shafts of light in. There was someone doing watsu in the pool. It was quiet and majestic.

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