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Blue Patchwork Owl and Time Bending

Me and Michaela were in a new place. It was a neighborhood and the experience started at night. We didn't quite know where to go and ended up in this park. We found this fort type place, built out of branches, but with multiple rooms and a whole kitchen inside. It was open air but comfy. We met a few of the many people who lived there and they showed us a place where we could set up our tent.

At one point there were these strange people there. It was night and the three people seemed like aliens, very stoic and different. At first we thought they were malicious people but they didn't really do anything bad. Later we learned that they were associated with the magical energy that we were about to be introduced to.

I think we asked someone what was going on with them and they told us that they were involved with this kind of energy that slowed down time. They asked if we would like to experience it and we said yes. They told us to wait for a visit that night.

We woke up to this very gentle energy in the night. I looked right outside the walls of the part of the fort we were staying in and there was this Blue Patchwork Stuffed Owl accompanied by a female being who was very quiet. The Owl was telepathically communicating with us. The whole air around these beings was Blue and Purple.

"Don't be frightened." It said "I know this may seem strange but it is harmless. In fact it is profound and we are offering this experience to you, if you would like it."

We said Yes and it beckoned us to step into the energy. It told us that this experience would slow down time and that we would be able to experience double to triple as much in the same amount of percieved time (from another/someone elses/a normal perspective). We stepped into the blueness and immediately had this sense of euphoria, bliss and satisfaction. I don't remember much of what happened while I was in the blue experience, but I remember that it was dynamic and beautiful. I think that this happed several times and that we would return back to the fort to sleep.

When we were in the blueness the owl was not stuffed anymore but an ethereal male presence, who was always the one to talk, accompanied by the quiet female presence.

Several days later Ari (one of my old school best friends from Indiana) came to visit. He arrived when I was in the blueness and was a little bit freaked out by it. I don't think I even said hi to him. Later when I was coming out of it I greeted him and when I sensed that he was totally weirded out by me I said "Dude I'm not on speed. I'm experiencing twice as much in the same percieved 'time' as you or any other 'normal' person is." I explained about the owl and the blueness and told him that he could try it too if he wanted to. He said he did want to and I think he went on to have his own experience with the blue patchwork owl.

Later there was a sort of thanksgiving celebration/feasting and celebration of community within the fort, I grew to love the family of raggamuffins who lived there. Travelers and way farers with their children. Everyone was loving and took care of each other.

I woke up after only 5 hours of sleep feeling totally fulfilled and nourished (even though normally I would feel super tiered and want to go back to sleep after this).

I welcome this energy back into my life. I feel like I've gained a new ally and a new key. I believe that I will be visited by this energy again in my dreams (or waking) and am not afraid. Thank you Blue Owl :) I love you.

small town usa
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