over 8 years ago
Hangin' with H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama

I just awoke from such a beautiful dream. I should preface this by saying that I grew up in a place called Bloomington, Indiana. Bloomington is considered a Tibetan Rebirth Portal, in that it is an auspicious location in relation to Lhasa, the Tibetan capitol and holy city. Because of this H.H. (His Holiness) the 14th Dalai Lama (affectionately refered to as Big D)'s older brother, Norbu, moved to Bloomington at the same time that Big D exiled from Tibet to India, in the 1950's. Norbu started the first ever Tibetan Studies department at a university in the west at Indiana University Bloomington and bought a large tract of land and started a beautiful Tibetan Cultural Center with a lotus pond, stupa and monestary. I have always been close to the Tibetan community and culture and have met Big D on several occasions, though not nearly as personally as I did in this dream.

In the dream I was at a big event in Bloomington where Big D was giving teachings. There were thousands of people there and a huge stage. Big D was giving teachings all day. At some point he came down to the ground in front of the stage and put some blue dust on the ground in some sort of puja move. I walked right up to him, in front of the thousands of seated people and put my head down on the dust just as he did. He smiled at me when we both lifted our heads and continued his teachings for another few minutes. I took some pictures and then stood to the side until he was done. When he finnished his teachings and walked by me I was quitely chanting "Om mane padme hum". He looked at me and said "Come with me". I followed him to a tent set up around a small building, which he invited me into along with a few other people. The other folks who came inside seemed to be organizers of the event.

Once inside the building we sat on a couch and joked around and chit chatted. I told him that I had met him once before in Bloomington with the PeaceJam program 14 years ago. He smiled. He invited me to take refuge here in this building whenever I wanted for the rest of the day.

Throughout the rest of the day I interacted with him on a personal level when I saw him around the grounds. There were various yoga classes going on and small teachings that he was giving and I wandered and witnessed. The whole time I was neglecting my phone and when I finally checked it I saw that my sister Siri had been trying to get a hold of me. She was at the event as well but was ready to go. When I finally met up with her and Teal, my other sister, I explained what an amazing time I was having being close to Big D and they understood and we all hung out longer. I also kept trying to update my facebook with a status about what was going on but I couldn't find the words to live up to how incredible the feeling was to be with such an ancient and benificent being. So I just posted something vague.

There were several more parts that fit in somewhere, like him wearing western clothes on stage. And another part where I was walking with him thru the crowds. It was a long dream and one that I didn't want to end. But it did and I awoke to my beloved freshly showered and offering me rasberry early grey tea and gluten free muffins which I am enjoying now.

I am left feeling that this dream was a bit more than a dream and that I have just spent some quality time in the dream world with one of the most spiritually advanced and compassionate beings embodied in this world.

Blessings in all directions.

*Om Mane Padme Hum*

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