over 12 years ago
My first encounter with Lucy...

It was a normal Summer day. The sun was out; clouds were bathing in its warm glow. I had been home all day and was attempting to clean the dreaded mess of a place... While in the process of this annoying endeavor, my friend had popped over and told me some very lovely news. He sat down on one of the couches in my newly cleaned, living room.

He started off by telling me that he had finally came about a few Gel-tabs, to which I was excited to hear since I hadn't been able to attain anything up until this point. He told me the price for the tabs and I told him I would willingly pay once I had the money seeing as I didn't always have this opportunity. He agreed seeing as I could barely contain my excitement.

I was loaned three, minty, green tabs. Not wanting to wait a second I plunged them to the depths of my mouth were I started the process of tasting there bitterness and fighting its obstructing sour flavoring... After a good 20 minutes or so, the Tabs had vanished into nothing leaving only behind its satisfying taste that I knew could only symbolize my oncoming journey...

*2 Hours Later*

A good couple hours past and I began to become very anxious, but also nervous. I remembering thinking to myself: "Oh no, what if they were bad? What if they don't do anything?". This is all I could feel myself thinking. I began the process of cleaning out my trash can that was used in the kitchen cause it had an excess of mold on it. I took the can outside where my friend had been sitting on the porch. For the past few hours, he had just kept telling me: "Be patient, you'll know when it comes." I tried to believe what he was saying and stayed calm. As I finished up rinsing out the trash can with the hose, I began walking back up onto the porch and that's when everything got real...

I remember looking down into the trash can where a little bit of mold had still managed to survive. I started seeing little bug like things moving around in a circular motion at the bottom of the can. I stood there, staring curiously at the odd sight. They didnt look like any bugs I had seen before... I asked my friend what he thought they were, the bugs at the bottom of the can, that is. He willingly looked at the inside of the can and looked back at me. He stared for a few seconds into my eyes and then he started to smile. All he said after that was:"There's nothing moving, Mike."

I quickly looked back into the trash can, not exactly believing him. Again, I saw the bug like things moving! I stood there staring trying to figure it out. Then it hit me... Those aren't bugs, that must be just mold.

Lucy had finally arrived to my house.

I began to smile very unnatural as I continue to stare into the can. My friend saw the smile and started to laugh. I could feel the chuckling echo around me and into the distance. I looked up in the direction of the flowing sound and came into sight of my neighbors house. I remember becoming bewildered for everything had became underwater. I recall literally not being able to breathe. I became hysterical when I remembered... Its just Lucy. I took a few deep, calming breathes as I continued to look at the underwater neighborhood. I was in awe. As I looked around, my eyes caught sight of my neighbor leaving, so I turned more to catch him leaving.. The thing was though that the car wasn't even started. In fact, no one was even in the car. No, what my eyes had caught sight of was the rotation of the trucks wheels. They had began turning in a symmetrical pattern in the direction of down the road, but the truck continued to stay stationed. I continued to stare for what felt like another half an hour when I noticed the the entire body of the truck had started to stretch apart. It continued to stay one, but the middle of the truck had turned into what looked to be laffy taffy. I couldn't understand what was happening.

Not being able to handle the laws of reality breaking around me, I continued into my house and sat down on one of the softest couches I've ever had the pleasure of sitting in. I remember just sitting there for what felt like hours, repeatedly feeling the material of the blessed couch and the material of that which was my basketball shorts that I had been wearing at the time. Both materials were each in one of my hands and I felt as if I was in heaven for a good few moments. That is, until I open my eyes back up and looked around my progressively melting living room.

My breathing pattern thickened as my hands continued to rub up and down my shorts. The silk-like material kept me calm as I stayed perfectly still and examined the house. Everything I could see was morphing in some sort of odd way. Whether it be a change in size, shape or color. It was miraculous in more ways than one.... I spent a few more hours staring around my house in complete amazement. Never once pausing my continuous cycle of sliding my hands along my smooth shorts. In my continuing examination, I notice past my Kitchen into one of the bedrooms of my house. It had been my Mothers room. She had Christmas lights hanging around her room in a hip fashion. The room was dark for a good amount of time and as the room continued to remain dark, nothing in the room was effected (morphed) by my vision.

At one point during my stationary journey however, my Mother's lights had been turned on. It caught my attention instantly and I observed what was happening. My Sister had been the cause of the sudden change, but the light is what provided the visuals into the room finally. As I continued to stare, the Christmas lights in the room began to shift in various ways. Each different bulb on the line would morph in size and color as the one adjacent to it would do the opposite.. It started to became a mess of colors that I could not keep track of, as much as I would have liked to...

I finally stood from my position and continued to glide to the bathroom where I had to relieve myself after such a long period of time.. The feeling was almost more than I could bare. It felt of amazing splendor. I won't go to much into detail, but I ended up staring at myself in the bathroom mirror after peeing.. I examined myself as I changed in shape and color. It didn't frighten me however at this point. I actually had grow to like it. It wasn't the same thing I had grown to expect in life. It had over turned my rational sense of thinking and everything that followed with it... I couldn't help but love every second of it.

I turned at this point to open the bathroom door and had my attention caught by the wall paper, which turned out to be a floral pattern. Each flower was turning different colors and of course that was to be expected, but what was amazing is the flowers were not connected in real life. With Lucy around though, the flowers were growing in mass and connecting branches, leaves and roots with the others all over the wall.. Becoming one single massive flower-like design.

I left after watching the transformation for a good period and continued outside for the first time since I had looked at the truck. As I walked outside, I noticed instantly the sky was changing colors in a rapid motion, in a repeated Purple, Green and Blue cycle. As the sky did this, the clouds continued to also grow in mass just as the floral wall paper had just done. The clouds got bigger and bigger as the color of the sky began, I guess you could say reflecting its color and light of the back of the clouds. Giving a silhouette look to 80% of the sky. The grass I had seen was also taking the same color pattern as the sky and also was growing into a tall grass that almost scared me since I had the feeling that I could get lost in it, so I did not venture further then the porch...

I went back into the house and turned the TV on. King of the Hill had started to play and I sat on one of the couches to watch the show as I came down. My friend had been sitting still across the room and I noticed he had turned into a bright orange of a skin color. It kept reminding me of an Oompa Loompa... The cartoon progressed on and at one point, Hank from the show spoke: "Damn it Bobby!" which did nothing other than send me into a long fit of laughter that lasted the rest of the show...

After watching TV for another few hours, nothing more progressed further then what I had already saw, other than at one point when I had looked at the ceiling of my house and the dried paint that extruded from the ceiling had became enlarged, stalactites (or was it stalagmites?) They seemed to be lowering down upon me, enclosing me. Given off the feel of claustrophobia. I stopped looking since it was frightening and continued to watch TV until I couldn't tell any difference in reality then there had been before..

I remember having the emotion of pure happiness while with Lucy, but once she had departed I became very glum. Wondering to myself when she would actually return, giving me the chance to once again journey through time and space with her.

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