12 years ago
Locked in a chai

On a mission for Chia tea in the middle of the night was on the mind. My partner in crime and I met at the Electric Owl. I was on my break. Speed racing to the nearest open coffee shop, we park right in front of it thinking we were so cool to be the only ones on the road at this hour. We broke our concentration by indulging our faces with kisses! Got out and locked our doors. Bad move. We walked up to the server and asked for two CHAI ALMOND MILK LATTES. She gave us a strange look as she noticed us sprinkling pepper in the drinks. She had never seen that before. Forever she will remember that moment. She stopped one of us almost sprinkling salt in our drinks and all of a sudden we realize the keys to the car had been left in the ignition. Holding time with locking eyes, we smiled and laughed at our stupidness. "We fucked up buddy... we fucked up big"

One of us was smart. Knowing this would happen one day, we had extra keys cut at a friends place four blocks down. With warm pepper chai teas, we started to walk to Claire's house and gather small rocks. Romantically, we threw rocks at her three story window and yelled her name a bunch of times. All we got was a grumpy rich redneck telling us "Claire's not home and I have to work in the morning". I told him "Life's tough I know"
Then a tall man came out of another apartment with two massively huge dogs and took them out for a walk. He was nice. Other guy was a smart ass monday to friday kind of guy.

So... Claire's sleeping, her phone was off and charging, we pissed off Mr. Redneck, and now we're stuck at the front door. Being out of options, I pull out a spliff and sparked it. We finished it pretty fast.

We then decided to lock arms and head back to the car in hopes that we could tell the server to watch it for us while we sleep at my studio down the street and wait for Claire to call. she said no problem. But what we really wanted was to get back in the fucken car where it was warm and had tunes. AAAAArrrrrrgggg! Burnouts!!!

The server came outside to take a look at this locked out scene we made for our selves. At this point our chai teas are done. Sad face. This server flicked a switch in her brain and had a great idea to ask one of the "gansta" "thuggy" looking regulars to maybe help break into the car. Was it because of his tattoos and ginger style, I don't fucken know. But what we did know was that things were looking better for a second. The Guy ran outside with a soup ladle. gave the car a look and started bending the glass. This guy was a thuggy mechanic from Calgary who by chance knew how to break into cars. Especially Civics.

With no luck with the ladle, he told us to go to Tim Hortons and ask them for a coat hanger. We waited in line behind a slow customer buying a bagel, I then started to get annoyed with how fucken slow she was. Caller her names in my head. Tim Hortans had no coat hangers, but the lady in front of us over heard us asking for a hanger and she by chance had one in her car for that exact moment. I took back what I said. After digging for five minutes, she came across it. We were SO thankful.

Running back to our "fuck up", we dragged the thuggy dude back outside to give the hanger a chance. He worked on it for about twenty minutes and still no dice. A team of paramedics parked there vehicles behind ours because they were on there coffee breaks. We asked them if they had a master key. They laughed at us. I could tell my partner in crime was loosing hope and getting very angry with IVY!

"Stop being such a little bitch IVY!"

Mr. Thug gave us a hint to start asking taxi drivers for jiffy tools because apparently taxi drivers used to steal cars back in the day. None of them had tools. We knew the price for getting cars unlocked at this time of night. There is no way we can pay a hundred dollars for get it open.

While we continued waving down taxi drivers, this random man in a tow truck storms up, rolls down his window and asked what was the problem.
"I don't have enough money to pay for you guys to come here and unlock my door but could you PLEASE help us unlock it for good karma?"

The tow truck man looks at her then looks at the car, " If you give me ten bucks right now, Ill open it in twenty seconds" We laughed and threw him the only ten bucks that we had.

Sure enough, it was open in seconds! The man got in his truck and got the fuck out of there. That man rules! And Mr. Thug for his amazing hope and help and also humouring us with story about his cat scratch fight he had with his "whore" he called her.

We thanked him and everyone who was a part of this wonderful adventure.

All of this because we wanted to kiss.

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