9 years ago
alien challenge

im in a tower and its dark
i am not alone
we are rattled by an intense storm
there is lightening
its a small attic
we are hiding but not for long i know
there is a message being relayed
that aliens that have penetrated our atmosphere
and if you are chosen to, they want to run tests
heavy rain falls around us and so do flashes of deep fears
visions of what movies and what my imagination have concocted to be what the tests might look like
the storm is whipping us abruptly and intermittently from end to end of the wooden capsule
'theyre gunna cut me open!" i gasp
then its like my gut wrenching me
anchoring me psychically and emotionally
and suddenly i remember what i know deeply to be true
but its not how i usually remember in an ordinary flight or fight moment
its like my gut literally feeding the rest of my body the energy of the words
and Presence- so that i might keep new eyes and an OPEN heart for whatever is coming. So that i do not project my fears and fright on to these beings because they are coming
i have to meet them because a light has flashed they saw me even thugh i was trying to hide
i assume that i am chosen for tests because of my extraordinary body shape
quickly pull up 4chairs
assuming we will sit face to face in with the aliens
they arrive
they walk in
their hoods are shaped triangular in shadows
lightening strikes
they are large
they come nearer and i see smiles
i feel my teeth like i should smile
warmth creeping
they come into the light and they are two brothers in green fabrics with dark skin
my brain takes a while to compute how they are in such beautiful shape
its a projection
i have an affinity for one
he has hair long and frizzy but curly in two parts down his back
he looks like the protectors that i see in my dreams, i call them my Samoan body guards
they tell me (and theres someone else there but i cant really make out who)
as we instantaneously travel through orbs and bubbles translucent and neon to a place where the games will take place
me and this other person compete
im in a hall way and theres a large snake who keeps trying to bite me
my partner runs
i struggle with the serpent for a little while and somehow survive all of its bites and build up the extraordinary strength to throw it 40 yards down a hall way and begin running following the winding path my other me has been running
up many stairs
im racing against time
a tower of stairs
falling bookshelves
i reach what i know is the top and there is a thin green glass vase witha bouquet of fake flowers and i pull a special thin pink paper one out
alien with the Samoan look pulls a little blue one out
mission complete
i end up qualifying
i have beat the time of the other costa rican-samoan teammember
theres friends of all colors here
all looking like humans but other galactic beings
we are young looking-teenagers
i recognize a childhood friend
shes dancing and smoking
we are laughing
i keep wanting to play a certain track because there is another hall where these little black girl elves
they wanna dance and i have to share with them of my moves
trying to find the perfect groove
the perfect funky song that they will really love to dance with me to

im with some other females
we are trying on clothing to wear to a party
im in a bus that is traveling to our part
and there is a girl ahead of me expressing her fear of certain death as expressed by her doctors
she has a brain tumor that is going to be removed and she doesnt think she will make it
i know i have the tools to help her cope i tell her
that going inside and removing a tumor will not kill you
because she is so young (she is blonde and maybe 15)
her body is too resilient and tough in its wanting to survive its not just going to give up because of one little tumor
she reminds me of a girl i danced with when i was growing up, Alessandra
i try my best to keep her laughing after we say one thing funny i realize that there ia line of humor and she loves it
i make a joke in a weird voice
"mummy my last wish to have a piano by my bedside so that i can play beethoven when i wake"
the bus laughs all together and i wake my self up laughing

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