9 years ago
machine dreams

i start off first at a house party at binah d'amors
shes been in dreams before
this one is a gathering for something tohappen of the future
her dog cleo is talking to me in the kitchen, "hey you made a mess on the floor!" im trying to get it up quickly because its chocolate and she and the chihuahua may eat it and die
then she tells me she wants her to nails painted
im not painting them for her but she gets it done some how
various friends from my time in SF are arriving, i tell BInah ym story about her dog "oh, yea. talks to me all the time that girl"
i wind up at a crystal/leather/jewelry vendor with sharon rose. she points out some beautiful abalone hook earrings that i should get to match a pair of boots that i think are encrusted with abalone. she cracks jokes about leather arm bands and how lame they are.
some how me and friends end up in a vast mass of water. we are swimming -kind of --- more like floating a long in the water. ive got some sort of bouie thing thats keeping me a float and im swimming really fast and crashing through waves telling this story on a telepathic wave length. im telling my friends about the history of istanbul and the geography of the bosphorus. i think we are going there. the water is so deep.
the boats are these machines that aer assisting us in getting where we are going.
very quickly we get to dry land and i feel like im in DC.
im running down these stairs that are geometrically similar to that of an old metal bridge. i run faster and i fly higher.
the feeling of running crossing more over with the feeling of flying.
im flying down the stairs catching every step just to tap it with my toe to gather more momentum for the next stair. the friend in front of me, laughing and playing with me kind of looks like David Block but his ear are more elvin.
the machine is growing taller, its legs unfolding to get taller to create space for us to climb deeper into the ground.
we realize that the weve gotten as deep as it will allow us when all of a sudden the machine begins ripping its legs out of the ground.
scattering for our lives we are running but i cannot orient up or down.
we get to a window where the ground looks catankerous so we dont just run out.
"ITS A TRAP!" i realize, looking around i see police everywhere with theyre guns pointed at us.
a glaze in the atmosphere being projected at us asking for compliance.
a couple of monster dump trucks run over the un easy road in front of us and i go for it to run. my friends arent coming! so i go back. a looming feeling of death and danger.
why wont they just RUN for it im asking my self. i run into a covered corner to meet s a few girls who i realize where following close in a car behind us.
i get there to realize that ive had a heavy uniform on this whole time.
theres gun pointed at me then whole time, and theres a guy who is a commander who arrives just as i stop running to tell me i cant go with them.
i can feel him conjuring up some strange lie about how i cant go with those girls because theyre only 50% dressed.
i look up in the sky and theres some gunshots and theres a huge triangular chunk taken out of a building. theres a face carved into this white piece of triangular rock and its moving. its a doughy faces. kinda smiling, but it looks as if it talking.
theres a building directly across from me and its surrounded with armed forces and they drop the stone through the roof... the energy changes back to me.
theyre trying to decide what to do with me, the girls i ran to be with look hopeless and uninterested in helping me. only way out... i wake up

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