over 7 years ago
boat storm sea cathedral risin
runing with wolves death rebirth voices ressurection tears of redemption

This was my dream, I wish I had a usb cable and could download the imagery and soundtrack directly to the computer

I had this dream after a friend of mine died, and that really moved me, and made me go deeper in my reflections of the substance and the meaning of life
which I understand as being a succession of cyles of learning, of expansion and with every big change also comes a metaphorical death
and the more we accept and surrender the more beautiful everything becomes, the more grattitude we feel, the more love we give
it is a personal dream but i think it is also a collective dream, a metaphor of big changes that are happening in every level, and how important it is to let go to fully embrace the new and allow good things and better things to come
I woke up feeling as if I had seen a Oniric animation from Spirit

There is a boat in the middle of a strong storm, strong wings, raging waves hitting the wood, the human underworld crossing the storm
strong tides and strong winds make the compasses and astrolabes go wild and point in no direction
I try to grab on to the mast but am spit around violently
I lay down in the centre of the boat, with my hands in my heart, praying for a vision of land, trying to project a vision of clarity
as I open my eyes I see mysts opening and a beach appears on the horizon
I swim to the shore and kiss the earth, relieved, believing all the confusion was over
A few moments after a serene moment of bliss, I start to hear a roar, rumbling sound in crescendo
I look to the right and from the dunes comes this huge waterfall... suddently it floods the beach and sweeps me away like a river running through me, running through the beach
I end up in the bottom of the river, stuck to some rocks, I drownd, and lay there with my arms and legs floating around like a plant
I look up, to the beams of light coming from the surface, and this being is swimming down to get me
he is dressed in black and holds me in his arms and whispers in my ear "i am your undertaker"
he takes to the surface and then takes me to a church
where friends and family are drinking soft drinks and engaging in conversations and a relaxed chilled out celebration
someone comes to meet me and points to his watch looking worried and impatient
and tells me "do you know what time it is? you are late, come on, we must finish this"
I see a coffin open, and I lay inside it, peacefully
the next moment I open my eyes, open the coffin and suddently no one is there anymore
the church is empty
I get out of the church and I see a travel bag and I grab it
And I walk toward the road
cars go by but no car stops
I look around and see a white piece of tissue
and since there is a pole there, I decide to raise it and use the white tissue as a white flag
a white flag of surrendering
the next moment a car stops and I enter

in the next scene I am in the car, and the car turns into a caterpillar going through this desert
A bit like a caravan, I go to the roof as it walks and I find a friend who is listening to music
I lay down next to her, and she smiles and puts headphones in my ears and from the song she shows me
I see her inner world being projected in the sky, I see giant lakes, autumn colours, the whole sky becomes a giant canvas
she smiles
i chose a song, and give her the headphones, and the sky changes and suddently we see my inner world
we see aurora borealis floating around, dancing, whales swimming , beams of celestial colours

I look to the road, and the scenery changed
I am now in a road by the sea and on my right I see rocks, which are made of crystals
I look into the sea and I see a ciclone of fire aproaching the shore
it stops just before it reaches the sand, its a ciclone of fire, it goes all the way down, capturing lava
and then comes up again, it opens up and I see a woman dancing inside of it
she looks like botticelli's venus, she dances a bit inside the ciclone and then it dissipates and ascends to the sky
it is my friend who died, dancing inside the ciclone

I look to the right and I see a house made of glass
I enter it and gaze at the waves that are hitting the glass walls
the water coming from the sea hitts the walls but they dont break
i see the water flowing

suddently I hear another roar, a rumbling sound
I see the water becoming agitated
and from under the sea, this huge cathedral starts to rise slowly
it looks like its been under the sea for hundreds of thousands of years
there are shells and chorals stuck to it
and from inside of it, this beautiful sound comes out
celestial choirs, voices, strings, orchestral, opening up more and more
a glorious redemption symphony
the voices of ressurection

next scene
I am in the beach looking at the sea
and I see cathedrals forming from water cannons
I see myself walking in green pastures
I see myself gazing at the mountains
i see myself a few years older, my hair is now in the middle of my back, in the dream it was just under my thighs
I see a pack of wolves and I join them and run with them , entering a forest

I reach a clearing in the forest, and I sit down meditating, with another friend
we concentrate on the book of wisdom, the book which contains all the wisdom of life
where anything you write, happens
I see the book coming, it was inside a tree
its like a sort of a hologram
it floats through the air, and comes close to us and ours thought are attracting it
it falls between our chests and we embrace with the book close to both our hearts, and it opens up and light comes out

the pages are blank

I start drawing and writing, and see everything around me starting to change and I consciouly create while writing and drawing in the book the things that I want to see happening and appearing all around me

everything around becomes peaceful, beautiful,

and I start to cry
tears of happiness and redemption

crying and laughing at the same time
and from the mix of crying and laughter this sound comes through, like a howling wolf sound

I focus on my inner vision third eye
and while closing my eyes I see reality as veils and threads

it's like tapestries fused with eachother, and the sound becomes a mix of several sounds and songs and voices
like an universal radio station capturing several frequencies at the same time, dolphin and whale souds, jungle sounds, people chanting, african chanting, shamanic chanting,
like a universal unisson
and the image also becomes a tapestry, a mosaic, different veils like curtains that the wind plays with, veils and veils and veils...

I feel as if I am in the source, where every answer arrives before the question is even verbalized
it feels like information at the speed of light

I see a sentence written in a rock wall with golden colour
"to say thankyou for every sunrise"


boat storm sea cathedral risin
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