9 years ago
zombie apocalypse nightmare

Me n sabi n some other people are out in the mountains and I'm saying, I really need to learn the cross bow..
I thinking about stuff we're going to need. Like jackets. Weapons. winter things.
And how nice it would be to have a whole bunch of blankets inside the cave we're standing in front of to snuggle into.
there are zombies everywhere but we are somewhere safe.

We decide to go back to the city
And get followed into a very large building in the downtown core
I have mateo with me who is on leash but behaving really well
Zombies start turning, it's a call centre and office and people don't know whats going on until too late. i feel guilt that we brought the zombies here but i know it's too late to do anything and if we are going to survive, this is what we have to do.
We're running
running down stair wells
Suddenly there's mass panic and they are evacuating everyone, rushing past us. small children too
One guy turns to look at me and I'm like, you need to secure the building! Get everyone out and lock them (zombies) in!
He just has panic in his eyes and doesn't hear me but continues to stare.

me n sabi go down A stair well and realize there's a zombie on the other side of the dead end cargo elevator door.
Mateo is suddenly thinking something ... and I can hear him..
Something like well at least she will get through.....
Stuff goes crazy, something is happening all around and i'm losing track of Mateo and i drop the leash. the door is sliding open now
And then he's human and he's grabbing pigeons that's are flying through with his human hands
as he grabs them he's spearing his finger through their sides and rib cages and there's blood pouring out
suddenly we're running.. running .. and we're out

now i'm at my apartment with sabi
We bolt the door and collapse on the couch (which is not in it's usual place, but over against the sliding patio door)
I'm talking about how we need to grab stuff and get out of here!
We should pack warm stuff
We should pack up the car and drive and get away.
And she's saying, drive where? We're safe here aren't we?
I'm picturing the mountains or a farm somehere
How we might need winter things cus it'll get cold because of our climate here.
Trying to calm my thoughts so I can figure out what we need.

And then I realize mateo isn't with me anymore and I start crying.
How could I have forgotten him?? How did I not notice he was gone?? I'm asking her

Suddenly we hear a noise from the downstairs lobby of my building and we freeze
I go to my door quietly, tense, and peek out the peep hole but can't see anything in the hallway

And then BAM!!!

the door starts to rattle and shake and zombies are on the other side and they know we're inside!!!
i can hear them on the other side of the door and the door jam looks like it's about to rip from the wall. i'm in utter panic and im trying to think straight, trying to not freak out so i can survive.
Sabi is hysterical and trying to get a look and I'm panicking and looking around and I spot the fridge and my i can feel the real me chime and tell her to help me move it in front of the door to block it! hurry!
but that interjection of actual sense wakes me up and I bolt up in bed.

my apartment is dark and quiet, except for the cars outside on the busy street
and my hands are shaking

this has prompted me to look into purchasing a crossbow or compound bow JUST IN CASE.
i have so many apocalyptic nightmares it makes it too real for me.
i'm going to make myself an emergency grab n go bag and think about survival skills a little bit more.
i'm not going to go paranoid.. but i think survival information is never bad information to have. it could someday save my life.
i don't realistically think there will be a zombie outbreak.. but the end of the world as we know it is coming. i'd rather be prepared.

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