almost 10 years ago
a nuke to end the world

I dreamt that i was by the ocean, a bunch of us were playing on the beach by the sea. It was sunny out and there were people everywhere.

Suddenly there was news that a nuclear weapon had gone off and everyone was talking and rushing around.
i looked out into the sea and could see a GIANT wave, that was slightly green, coming at us.
people started screaming, freaking out and running around.
I started to panic and ran inland.

i ran towards the nearest building i could see, which was a mall, and got inside. everyone inside was panicking as well, they didn't want radiation poisoning.

I was wearing jean cover-alls. in my pocket i had a dropper full of iodine in a small amber colored glass bottle with a dropper. it was suppose to help prevent radiation poisoning.

i just started to go down escalators and stairs because i heard if u go below earth level it can help and you wont get poisoned.
i ended up in the underground parking garage, but i kept going down. down and down concrete stair wells.
ive been in that parking lot before in another dream as well...

i ran into sabi and chris, and a few other people who were also trying to hide.

finally when it went below earth level, the stairs widened up massively and the ceiling was really really high and everything was echoing, squared off, grey concrete.
the stairs were super wide, like 15 feet or more. there was no railing and it started on the right side of the room.
it went all the way down, and at the bottom was a small jump at the bottome of each stair well before it went onto a platform and then continued down, like a squared off spiral.
the deeper you went, the bigger the jump at the end of each stair was, so that if u went too deep, you couldn't reach to get back out once you jumped down.
it was super dark down there, and i knew it went on and on on

it was cold

i went down as far as i could while still being able to get back up (which was only like 2 sets or something), i stopped and went back up one because of how scary it was.
when i went back up, i was back on the last landing which was now carpeted and people were with me again

we were all talking and somehow i dropped the iodine down the stairs. i convinced Chris to go get it for me because i was too short to reach back onto the stairs and scared of the darkness.

Mateo, Tundra (my ex's weimereiner dog), Aisha, and my sister Sabi was also there and I was hugging my florescent teddy.

chris went to go get it and i was telling him to please be careful
he got it, and i gave him and Sabi drops on their tongues of the medicine.

we were all hugging and saying that we loved each other. it was sad, like we knew we were going to die and this was our last goodbye. it was so intense and scary

While we waited it out, i was coloring pictures with crayons, sitting on the first step down into the abyss, my back to it facing into the room.
My daddy was sitting off the right of me watching me. I kept dropping my crayons down the stairs. I managed to save a lot of them, but a few went rolling down.
i started to gather them into a napkin so they would stop rolling, because i didnt want to go down the stairs to get them later.

chris was antsy, and kept going down the stairs to see how far he could go. The dogs kept following him and it made me so nervous..
every time he came back up he would walk along the edge of the stair where there was no railing.
i made him promise me not to go too deep because i knew i couldn't stop him.

i could tell we werent deep enough to get away from poisoning because we were only just below ground level, i could see out windows that were in the carpeted room.

we decided to move away from the stair well and grouped against the far wall.
then something happened and we all started to go back up the stairs.
Chris was still down the stairs, and for some reason we left him behind in our excitement.
we got to the top and found a car and we drove out. we emerged from a big temporary garage structure and and there were people everywhere

i went back to go get chris but as i was headed back, he came up with Mateo muzzled and on a leash n tundra running around. i was so relieved to see them all.

there were people from the fall, tattoo artists and piercers all milling around.
and then someone offered me pizza, of which i gladly took a slice

i woke @ 6am to record this because it was such an intense dream.
then i went back to sleep!
this is the second end of the world dream i've had in row...

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