10 years ago
the future privileged class

in the future
was around people i knew, but didn't know well. mostly people from recently and the w2 parties i've been attending.
felt like i wasn't alone, i was with someone, but i don't remember who.
i felt like i was looking for somewhere for myself to sleep? i had just gotten there somehow..
everyone was living communally in one big warehouse type space. i knew it was better to live in the back because less people tried to steal your space and it was more secure.
blankets n pillows n people everywhere.
it felt cozy and like a big family, i was glad to be there.

it was part of a school wing that only allows swipe access, but i got inside somehow. this part didn't have access to the rest of the school, but was safer than outside.
it was like a giant warehouse type of building, that meandered along like a corrider.
cement, rusty poles and pipes, concrete ledges lined with dirty people.
i knew some people, and some people knew me too.

went outside, dirty streets, hookers everywhere, neon lights, people dressed and in crazy makeup.
it was night time.
dani went by in a chariot of some sort with some other people in it, dressed nicely.

suddenly i was with my parents and grandpa (yaya), they brought me to the school to have lunch in a nice limo sort of van car (my dads red van but nicer somehow), with private driver for chris.?
and i knew they had this because they were part of the upper class with my brother.
it was daylight out now, bright and sunny a few small clouds in the sky, warm.
pulled up to a small roundabout, gardens everywhere, a fillipino gardener was eyeing us when we arrived.
mateo was there with his muzzle on, took a dump n i picked it up
we had some small kids with us i didn't know, putting shoes on them. i think they went to this school too.
i felt glad to be able to participate in this, even though i didn't quite belong, and that my family was bringing me along.
went inside which was the back door through the garage of my grandpa's house. sat inside the cafeteria of the school, really large hall style. kind of harry potter styles.
big windows, busy, lots of other students and parents, walls lined with books in between giant windows.
high ceilings, decorated. marble floors and carved arches.
somehow got food in front of us.
my cousin kelsey found me, she had made me a small screwdriver set and gifted it to me while we were eating in the cafeteria with my family.
along with some other random things
also gave me pieces of gum (one stick, but in pieces) which i started to eat before realizing i had food (it tasted sweet and was pink), so i spit it out to save for later because i didn't want to waste it.

then woke up

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