10 years ago
shapeshifter attack

my family ( me, my sis, my dad and mommy) were living in this huge house/mansion, older with multiple wings, towers and wraparound balconies.
it was not the current time.. it was the past, but with current elements to it.
there was a skytrain type thing that connected one wing to the other that went outside and branched into the public one.
somewhere far away, damp, wooded and lush. in the countryside area.
there was tall wire fence around the entire property.
walked around the property, explored the house, peeked into rooms etc.
then it was mid day, cloudy out. we were all in the kitchen and thru the window, i saw something big and black go by the large window
when i looked outside, it was this over sized big black sleek evil wolf/dog who i knew was a boy with bright but dark blue eyes. i got my mommy and sister inside and shut the door slowly before it noticed us
then it was trying to break into our kitchen door from the outside patio
the door wouldnt close all the way, so me and my daddy were holding it shut
there was a small window on the door that they broke with a crowbar
there was a girl, who looked like she was the sister of the wolf, with really pale skin, bright dark blue eyes, really light blonde hair, scrunchy nose. she stayed as a girl but her face was evil looking. she was wearing a tattered white dress or something.
i knew if she caught me, she was going to torture and eat me.
they kept reaching their paws n arms thru the broken window to try to grab us or open the door.
they grabbed my arm a few times, but i thought to myself NO! and just became un-caught.
i was so scared.
i told my mommy to go check all the doors and windows in the house to make sure they were closed and locked
we were throwing bleach in their eyes, and soap detergent and anything else i could find
i had small knives i was stabbing at them with from the knife block
i was standing on a stool because the window was too high up
i remember frantically trying to think of ways that we could get out of the house, like an exit plan, before remembering the skytrain from earlier
i told my sabi and mommy to go to the skytrain and get off in the city
me and my dad managed to get the door to lock
the wolf took off suddenly and the girl stayed behind and was laughing.,.
i kept stabbing at the girl and missing, and finally i thought to myself i AM going to kill her and finally stabbed the girl to death in the face, close to her eyes
the crimson blood was very vivid against her clothing.
when i knew she was dead, me and my daddy ran and got on the train which was like a small cargo elevator. we saw the black wolf advancing on Mateo (my dog) in the carpeted hallway the last second as we shut the doors, i couldn't save him. i was so sad, but so relieved we were getting out
we got off in the city and took a bus to the rcmp station
Sabi was hiding down in the basement maze of a washroom of the station, so we all went down to find her.
I've been in that washroom before.. it just spins off into corridors, multiple rooms, tunnels and showers. there are usually people here and there, showering, changing etc. flourescent lighting, flickering, kind of creepy but not too ba,. tile floors and walls.
we brought her up, and tried to convince the police what happened
i dont think they believed us, but we were making arrangements to board a airplane.
they were dressing Chris, who was much younger in the dream, in a suit and tie for the journey
i kept expecting to see the wolf and knew he would want revenge..
.. and then i woke.

edited to add:

that entire day after this dream was intense. i saw a roadkill dog on the side of the road (the first dog ive ever seen!)
and then i brought my dog to the vet to get his nails clipped, where there was a girl who's dog had been hit by a car and they were trying to decide wether surgery was worth it (700$!)
and THEN, another dude came roaring up in his truck and yelled inside I NEED A DOCTOR!
and came in carrying a HUGE but very very young pitch black pitbull puppy.
it had been hit by a car too
after all that, i had to help pin my poor dog down to get his nails clipped because he just goes spastic. sooo intense..

it was a very emotionally charged and dog pain/death/fear kind of day.

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