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Miraculous Channeling

June 17th, 2012 : Tuning in by Lindsay Rose Henheffer

My friend has the miraculous ability to tune in to the cosmic spirit that dances all around us and Channel wise words of wisdom. We all have this ability in some way, she is very Strong with it though, and is very intuitive on being able to do this for others as well. Including my Self. I am extremely lucky to know her, and to have her on the Gypsy Caravan trip gave us ultimate insight into what our purpose was, and that we are being supported whole heartedly by our Angels, Spirit Guides - Ancestors. I’m going to share something extremely special that she channelled after our experience in the Goddess house on the Sunshine Coast. She has freely typed it out from her voice recorder and shared with me. It will most likely be super relatable, so open your heart and receive this, for it is for All of us.

Recorded on the 17th of june right after leaving sunshine coast, sitting in the vehicle.

Darling darling, beautiful people, beautiful souls. We see you, we feel you, we hear you. We see the path in which you are headed and we bring blessings and honourings to you. Open yourself up and honour yourself to be able to allow this honouring into your vessels and your fields. Honour your bodies, honour vessels and your fields. Honour your bodies, honour your minds, honour your spirits and honour your emotions as they come to be expereinced as they do.

Enter fields of love and enter fields of honouring for allowing other to eb able to coem into your fields to do the same as well. For all the people that you meet treat with highest respects adn highest honours as you would be meeting god or creator yourself. For everything is a part of tha creation. Everything is god and so everything and everyone you meet trear them in this manner with teh highest of the highest respect an it shall be returned to you, if not immediately at some point in your life you will be able to feel how it feels to be treated in this manner and you will again be able to have such honours ot eb able to fell that way.

Great abundance is coming your way. Great abundance that can only enter if you do the things necessary. If you allow this great honour and these great notions of respect to come into yourselves. Only then can this abundance be given and it be accepted. Only then and if you do this for yourself will you be able to receive what we are trying to get to you. There is a short period of time for this to be able to be given to you so act quickly. Act immediately and you will never regret these actions.

You will never regret the course that you took to eb able to receive these things. For it will be such great blessings and such great honourings and you wil truly know and understand what it means to be respected and what it means to be honoured. You will feel its presence, you will feel the greatness of these two things adn you will trly know what we feel for you and what we are constantly trying to give you and what mother earth feels for you for she is honoured and has great respect for your existance for you to be able to walk upon her plane and eat and nourish yourselves with greatness she is constantly trying to give you in honour of your existance upon her. An honour of your existance of your past and your love and your greatness being sent to her.

We too are doing the same from afar. From distances and always to contact. Always to have closeness to be able to give this to you. Though there is much difficulty from our distance to be able to do this in the manner that mother earth does this for you on a constant daily basis. Always in her existance is she producing abundance. Always in her existance is she doing the things that nourish your soul, your mind and your body. Cretaing -she is creating- the purness in your vesels for us to be able to come and work through you only if you are to accept her gifts can your truly accept ours. For she is teh first, she is the creator, she is the abundance and she is teh goer. And first you come through her and so you follow suit through the entire pass of your lives to eat from her nourishment to be able to open yourselves and receive the nourishment we are trying to send down.

If you choose otherwise to block yourselves remember the abundance that we are constantly trying to send you. Be truly recieved by your being so treat yourselves with respect and open yourselves to the giving that she is offering to you. Offering, offering, offering.
Receive the offering with open arms and abundance with knowledge and wisdome of what it can truly do for your entire being, for your wholeness and for the existence of the entire planet.

Spread darlings. Spread knowledge and share with all those you come across the things you know for sure in your entire being and the things that you are beginning to discover and for that you wish to know. For those that cross your path may know it as well which may be the reason your paths have crossed. The more you share the more you open, the more vulnerable you are the more you will be able to recieve.

Theres different worlds, different perspectives, these different knowings, lights and truths to be able to expand your horizons. The quickest and fastest way to enlightenment is to be able to share your knowledge, to be ale to recieve the knowledge of others. For each has lived many lifetimes, and walked many paths and gathered many things and things they know, they may not know they know you may be able to pick up and recieve because your consciousness and awareness is so expanded you see the truth and the light and you may know it and feel it in your body and soul willl react. React in such a way to let you know what it is you are truly hearing.

Listen to words, listen to what is being spoken and feel it in your body feel it in your states. Allow your emotions to come freely and honour it when it comes for it is a beautiful thing to have strong reactions and emotions of love and gratitude and gracefulness and beauty appreciation of that is being shared around you. For now darlings thats all. We are with you protecting you and your path.

And only so much can we do so is as much as you give yourselves so keep to your commitments, keep to your words and honour your bodies for they are the vessels of truth to be brought to the planet, in this dimension and in this world.

We send our honours and we send our respects. Accept the offerings of mother earth, one last time to be able to open yourselves to the honourings and respects that are being given to you. Farewell.

Another tune IN done right after

Greetings… from the planet sirius. She is an open channel right now for what it is she has chosen to do today and for the energies that are surrounding you four women act as a vessel for energies to be able to come down in your clear states and the energies that surround you in your fields adn the vibrations that you are acting at. For there are things that you in your lives that you ahve been introcuded to have synchronized you to a very high vibrations to be able to pick things up. Listen closely for the beautiful things that are coming your way. You have nothing to fear you have nothing to hide. Have no fear of your darkness and of your shadow and as she has said it is the key to your light. So welcome it , spend time there for if not now veyr soon. For the sooner you spend time here in those dark places and in teh dark corners the faster you will rise to your lightness and the faster you will be able to ascend to the dimensions in which your humanity and your race is quickly moving towards. You are lgiht bringers and you are light bearers adn you have the poles and strengths to be able to bring yourselves as well as many others up to teh points in which you are destined to be. The more that you commune with and the more people that you spend time with the faster and easier the light and THE love will be able to be spread. You have a power in you that is only given to you for a certain amount of time and for a limited amount of time. Your energies are strong and your energies are united adn in harmony. Synchronized adn working together for the gerat whole of all in existance.

Darlings, it may sound odd but we please with you to open yourselves and share yourselves willingly for we see the potential of what can be done for energies of souls liek you to be able to do so in a manner in which the apth you are walking on. Receive the greatness that is infront of you and the potential you have to create love in so many people and we ask you, pleadingly to be able to share with yourselves in vulnerability and with such openness in a way that you have never done before. To eb able to completely open your hearts and let go of your fear.

You have such greta potential to be able to spread love to the popel that you meet. The more you are open the more you are comfortable with your bodies and with speaking and sharing the things that you know the faster and more quicker you can expand the human race into a consciousness of unitedness and enter into a christ consciousness of love. We encourage you over and over again to just do this to just give freely and openly without care of consequences of letting it out because you know that abundanec truly lies within and for the things that you really actually need will always be given. Quicker than you even know without having the fear running out.

You will never starve. You will never go hungry, you will never run out of rescources that allow your trip to stop. If you are willing enough to be able to do the things you are needed to do then you will always be able to continue. We are here supporting you and you have such a united strength that is unique to so many groups that is seen and it is felt by all those you come across. There is a great harmony in your energies and there is a great balance the goddess divine female is truly embedded within your souls ad you are bringing that into light in this world which is where it is headed.

You are literally showing people the potential of the human race with how you are functioning together adn how you are cooperating together. The amount of love you are freely and willingly spreading so women here stand in your power and know who you are and KNOW exactly what it is you are doing. See your path and see your mission. Know it is great adn full of love and you have such power available to you now and it would only be a shame to be able to cut yourself short and to keep it inside yourselves.

Darlings, again we just plead with you to be able to be open and to be able to share all that you have done. Not even in words but in presence and in being love. And in treating eachother with the highest of respect and of honouring. Giving space adn time for all those things that are needed to be done. Space and time to be able to sit and dwell in whatever is needed with whatever emotions come up. Sit with time and space to be able to allow each person to go through whatever is coming up. To be able to allow tha space and time to go and welcome your shadows that are rising up at the moments that the are for it is in those times that you will truly shine and for that your truness is given the potential it deserves for when your shadows come up is when your powers come in need.

When shadows come up it is then that all that is needed for that is within eahc to be given to be shared . Anyways we can go on and we can go on telling you the greatness you have before you and the abundance that is avialable to you for the potential of wha it is you are able to create. But it is all by choice, we know and we see you all. What is before you and what is within you. It is only by choice and there is no more we can do. There is no more we can say. Just know, we plead from the depths of our hearts for all of humanity for all of existance to just be as open with love. Willing to share and be vulnerable as much as possible.

Farewell my darlings. We watch from a distance hoping you chose the choices of your highest purpose and path and light. We rejoice in any way that you go about your path for you have done greatness and above all greatness is within you and at one point of another it shall be shared. And we thank you and honour you for the things you are doing and all that you have done.

As to where you will go and for where you chose to be and who you chose to share it with. From the lovlies that are above to the lovelies that are below. We bid farwell. Watching from a distance. Sending you all that is needed whenever needed. Bye darlings.

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