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τħε ɖરελɱεર ::dΔӃΙᄁΙ ΙᄁѵᄋᄃΔȚΙᄋᄁ ѵ.ㄐ::

Fourth Oracle Consultation: 11:11pm/6.15.12
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✧τħε ɖરελɱεર✧


✧ώħΘ ίȘ τħε ɖરελɱεર?
She is the Lady of the Dreamworld. She is dreaming the universal dream of all existence.
She takes different forms, as characters can transform in the dreamworld and are not subject to ‘normal’ restrictions.
She represents the dreams that go to the astral world, not just the subconscious ones.
She is the Anima of Jungian psychology.
She is your guide in the Dreamscape.
A central node in this reality is found in the Aboriginal Dreamtime.
Another is located in the ‘Lucid Dreaming’ practices of Tibetan mysticism.
She is the Keeper of Dreams and Guardian of the Dreamworld, weaver of Dreamcatchers.

In the Dreamscape/dreamtime/worldwide net of dreams/Aboriginal landscape of Australia/Tibetan Dream Yoga.

Australian animals and all dream animals.

✧ռǟȶʊʀɛ & ɖɛֆƈʀɨքȶɨօռ օʄ ɖǟӄɨռɨ
The form of the Dreamer’s portal is that of a dreamcatcher. Dreamcatchers feature in American Indian cosmology and take various forms. The idea is that the dreamcatcher catches bad dreams in its web and only lets the good dreams in through a hole in the center of the web. We see the light of galaxies shining through this aperture that the Dreamer reaches up towards.
The Dreamer is seen floating in the center of her world. Her eyes are closed for she is asleep and dreaming. Only in dreams are we released from gravity and able to float and fly. White light emanates from her temples as she is in the realm of illuminated and illuminating dreams.
On the other side of the web is the guardian of dreams. Emanations of her benign energy form small figures which encircle the dreamcatcher like feathers. They are angelic light beings who, like Beatrice who led Faust through the realms of the underworld in Dante’s ‘Inferno’, serve as protectors and guides for the one who dreams. They form a prayer circle.
Four figures of the Dreamer sleepwalk below, like feathers hanging from the dreamcatcher.
To the left the Dreamer is depicted with her painted face evoking Aboriginal tribal markings. As a primary node in the dreamscape, she represents access to the Dreamtime and all that this implies. She is connecting the earth energy to her heart center.
The Aboriginal peoples guide their earthwalk from the Dreamtime.
On the right the Dreamer is shown practicing the Pure Light meditation of Tibetan Dream Yoga. In this practice, the dreamer cultivates the visualization of various lights in the dream state and develops Lucid Dreaming, where the one who dreams is aware that they are dreaming and conducts themselves accordingly in the dream. Her energy connects upward to the celestial and enlightened realms.
The Dreamer is a powerful Dakini. She and other spirit animals will be your guides in this strange land, so that you may not feel like a stranger.
She communicates in the twilight language of dreams, through gestures and symbols.
There is no personal death in dreams, so dreams represent a ‘deathless state’.

✧ɖίνίɴλτΘરϓ ɱελɴίɴĢ
You have been given your own personal dreamcatcher, to protect you in the dreamworld and enrich and enlighten your dreams.
You may rest in peace.
The person receiving the Dreamer has something to learn, things to receive, from their dreams.
Own your dreams as part of yourself.
They may not be a very civilized and refined part, but they are a part nevertheless. We spend a large portion of our life asleep and potentially dreaming. Even when we don’t remember our dreams, have conscious access to them, they are going on nevertheless.
Look for the Dreamer in her different forms in your dreams. Ask her name if you get the opportunity. If you encounter her, ask what she has to show you.
It will be a secret between you.
Are you a daydreamer? Do your daydreams enrich or deplete your life?
Dreams are of different kinds and qualities. Some are simply the re-processing of events. Some are your subconscious dealing with your hopes and fears, some are just ‘what ifs?’ that your
subconscious asks. The subconscious doesn’t abide by the rules and regulations that your conscious self abides by, the same set of limitations, so those ‘what ifs?’ can spin out in wild, dramatic scenarios very easily. There are other dreams that have a certain atmosphere to them that makes them feel different and special. You know they have a deeper resonance, a more symbolic significance and are sending messages to you that have relevance for your psyche. These dreams can be prophetic, mythic and mystic. Sometimes they can feel like you are looking into another life, another time.
When our waking lives are mundane, we can live our hero/heroine’s journey in our life in dreams.
As Ariadne of Greek mythology was named ‘Mistress of the Labyrinth’ because she spun the golden thread that the hero Perseus followed, allowing him to successfully navigate the labyrinth, so you are being asked to follow your own golden thread into the heart of the labyrinth, the den of the Minotaur, the seat of your unconscious fears and fantasies. Using this approach, in the hours of darkness you can retrieve those parts of yourself that are hidden and deep and bring them to the light of day where you can confront them face to face.
The integration of the conscious and subconscious aspects of your being.
The Dreamer’s dreamcatcher offers you protection on this journey. The guardian of dreams herself sits beyond the web. As mistress of all dream entities, she now presides over your dreamwalk and holds your sacred spirit in her radar.
The Dreamer gives you permission to dream.
Ask the Dreamer to bring you the dreams you need to dream.
Follow the guidance of your dreams. Take your clues from the Aboriginies who are so sophisticated in this arena. They use the Dreamtime, whether entered in a sleeping or a waking state, to inform them on decisions to be made and actions taken in the material world. They consider the Dreamtime to be the place where the world of spirit can communicate with the living. When the intentions of the invisible and the visible worlds are aligned, only then can greater harmony ensue. Only then can heaven indeed be on earth. This is the role of the earthkeepers, to keep connected this sacred web.
Why don’t you join in this community, this luminous web, by opening yourself to the wisdom of the dreamworld and calling forth your spirit guides and helpers?
Understanding that the hours you spend asleep are part of your reality matrix and present an opportunity for personal and spiritual evolution, as much as do your waking hours.
Do you find yourself part of a big collective dream? Is it your dream? How would you dream it, this dream of life called reality?

There are messages for you coming from the dreamworld. Be attentive and develop your conscious access to your dreams.

The Dreamer would like you to:

⋆1. Meditate on the following: All that happens in waking life is a dream. All that happens in dreams is real.

⋆2. Start keeping a dream book. Even if you do not currently recall your dreams, if you set the intention to remember them and keep a book to inscribe them in by your bed, with patience dreams will reveal themselves - in total or in part.

Make a commitment to write down what you recall, even if it seems small and insignificant. This will encourage your recollection of your world of dreams.

⋆3. Make the intention of connecting with The Dreamer in your dreamworld. Do this

each night before you fall asleep. You may not get immediate results, but persevere. When you see her in your dreams, let her take you somewhere, show you something. Make special note of this dream.

⋆4. Receive the gift of lucid dreamlight from the Dreamer to offer you protection and lucidity within your dreamworld.

As you lie in bed ready to sleep, breathe deeply and visualize your energy collecting in your body, coming into your heart, then rising up into your throat and then coming to rest in the form of a glowing lunar orb at the region of your third eye. Keep your focus on this orb of luminous, numinous clear white light as the moon gently infuses your being with its soft illumination. You breathe deeply and steadily as you fall asleep.
As you awaken, before you arise, visualize the moon in your third eye again, breathing slowly and deeply from your belly. This practice encourages your conscious access to your dreams.

⋆5. Thank the guardians of the Dreamworld for the work they do, for the space they hold open and that which they hold fast.

Send a special message in the Dreamtime to the Keepers of the Dreamtime on our
Earth – the Aborigines of Australia. Offer them your recognition and appreciation. Their struggle is our struggle. Stay connected.
And always honor the holders of the Clear Light.

✧ɖλκίɴί τરλɴȘɱίȘȘίΘɴ
I am the dreamer
And the dream
The pathway
And the path
I lead you through
The Dreamtime
To reveal
Time beyond time
Mind within mind

I remember my dreams
I receive messages
From the dreamworld
I can discern
The quality and nature
Of what comes to me from dreams
I incorporate their significance
Into my waking life

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