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divine feminine
ӍүՏҬЄГЄ (ɖǟӄɨռɨ ɨռʋօƈǟȶɨօռ v.3)

{My 3rd Dakini drawn from www.64dakinioracle.org}✧{6/9/12}
My thoughts:
Synchronized, Harmonized, Aligned.
I release all fear and all blockages.
I no longer sit in the seat of discomfort- I release fear of judgement
I release fear of excitement, pleasure, and my sensuality.
I bring in the ray of ORANGE- and allow my senses to tingle.
We always have brilliant signs, and epiphanies when we
open a dialog with our self.

47 FEE

⋆ίɴ τħε ħΘτ ɖεȘεરτ, Șħε λરΘƲȘεȘ ώίτħ ħεર ʃίરε ίɴ τħε ελરτħιϓ τεɱριε Θʃ τħε ßΘɖϓ ȘΘ τħλτ τħε ßΘɖϓ ɱλϓ ßε રενελιεɖ λɴεώ.⋆

She is the Dakini of the Arabian nights - the exotic veiled dancer of the mystery of the Dance of the Seven Veils. She is to be found at a desert oasis, she is a desert oasis, in lavish Arabian tents, or through the embellished screens of the harem. It is her energy that shines through eyes, lined in kohl, that meet our gaze from behind veils in the souk.
This is where the magic carpet ride takes us.
Mystere is the genie who appears when the lamp of truth is rubbed.
She represents the veiled power of the Divine Feminine within Arabian culture.
From being totally veiled, in her dance she removes veil after veil until she presents herself as the naked radiant truth, a sight too intense for most human eyes....How many veils will she remove for you?

✧LϕϲΛϮΐϕn/ϩϸӇϵɌϵ ϕϝ ΐnϝluϵnϲϵ: Desert regions/Middle East/oasis.

✧ѦLLіЄՏ: Camel/desert creatures.

Dusk falls in the desert. A mirage appears.
The veiled face of Mystere is at the center, her eyes beam starlight from above her veil. The crescent moon and star adorn her forehead and indicate she is a wisdom holder. The seed of love (the Venus star) is cradled within her lunar intuition.
She presents a secret oasis. She is the alluring dancer who invites us in, she is the veiled mystery beyond. An ornate 'hand of Fatima' paves the way, symbolizing the feminine principle and its inner knowing given a place of honor and respect.
Mystere's body is blended into the desert landscape to the right, showing that she is embodied in nature, she is the spirit within this desert land.
The image seen as a whole represents what confronts the seeker in the desert. On the right, like a multidimensional luxury hotel, the palace of delights awaits. Chambers within chambers are contained within, Mystere's harem to cater to every sensual and exotic fantasy..
To the left, lies the vast limitless expanse of the desert.
Like clues in a treasure hunt, seven veils lay strewn on the sand. If you follow the clues to their source, what mystery awaits?
Below the red veil the desert open to reveal of pool of liquid starlight, the stuff of dreams and the substratum of 'reality'.

A profound and mysterious gift from Mystere.
A wish or need to live out a fantasy.
The desire for exotic adventure.
You have fantasies in your life that you want to unveil.
Something beckons to you, full of eastern promise.
Something tantalizing and unknown.
An intoxicating romance.
Something intriguing.
You may find more success through subtle means and by understanding that there is often more allure when some things are left to the imagination.
A relationship that thrives better in the realm of fantasy and imagination than on the plain of reality.
Bring more fantasy into your relationship.
Be more adventurous and feed the flame of desire.
Your body thirsts in the desert.
Mystere offers you her oasis, to slake the thirst in your body and your soul.
Your perceptions are confounded. You saw something one way and now it shows itself to be something else.
There are mysteries in the feminine principle that want to reveal themselves to you.
The dawning of a different way of seeing women.
As Mystere is the nature of the Great Mystery, what you will receive will be very deep, very personal and very exotic.
There is something you need to access that has been concealed. The clue to the mystery lies in a place of feminine wisdom. Honor that in yourself.
You may have feared to reveal this. It may have been important to keep it concealed, but now it is significant to you that you get in touch with what is hidden.
It is time to enthrone the feminine in your heart and consciousness, to give her pride of place and space to reveal her mysteries to you.
Time to awaken to the fact that the body is a temple of the deepest mysteries of the spirit. It is the vehicle of spirit and as such should be honored and revered. It is a palace of 1001 delights.
The soul, the spirit is not separate from the body while it is within the body.
To recognize it, to see it displayed in the living flesh, is the blessing.
Woman is nature, woman is embodiment and she who births.
Being born is our first spiritual initiation. It occurs as we take our first breath in this incarnation and it is the initiation given to us by our mother.
In many ancient cultures, the priestesses used sacred dance to confer spiritual initiation.
Bow down before woman, she who mothered each and every one of us. She brought us into the world, she also has the power to transport us beyond, for she holds, and is, the mystery of it all.

A new flavor enters your life.
Embrace the unknown.

⋆1. Mystere requests that you do an experiment for her. Choose an appropriate situation and suitable person or people with whom to perform this experiment. For a period of time wear a veil over your head, around your face, where only your eyes are showing. See how much you can communicate with the language of your eyes.

⋆2. Visualize Mystere in her Arabian Desert retreat. See her palace of delights where in every different chamber an exotic fantasy resides. Her realm is mysterious and enticing, full of eastern promise. You follow her into the inner chamber where she dances for you the dance of the seven veils. What is the mystery of the seven veils? It is it a way that Shakti, Shekinah, has devised to reveal the mysteries.
See each veil as a color of the spectrum, with red at the base, the sexual center, and violet at the crown, where matter and spirit meet. Each veil represents the energy field of a different center of not just the body, but of the very being herself. So the real dance of the seven veils is the ultimate striptease of the soul.
Mystere's dance shows how spirit, residing as part of Great Mystery, comes into
form, is birthed.
She dances the energy of each veil before she removes it. Let Mystere dance out all the aspects of your body of experience. Let her embody your physicality, your sensuality, your secret sexuality as she dances
When the final veil is removed, Mystere reveals not just her unclothed body, but stands before you as the naked truth.
The undulations of her body, her belly dance, recreate for you the dance of creation itself, the rhythms of the ocean and the natural movements of birth.
In the offering of the dance she provides not just entertainment but confers initiation.

You first behold her completely veiled, with the outmost violet veil covering her head and body. She breathes and her being vibrates with pure energy. She moves slowly as she dances her dance of spirit, she, the veiled one, existing in the imagination, until she lets fall the first veil.
She now dances the dance of the indigo veil, revealing how intuition is the first gift given by spirit to the incarnated being. He takes you to deep, unchartered spaces when you gaze into the eyes above the veil. She lets the second veil fall.
The blue veil comes next, where she dances her consciousness, from conceptual to devotional, communicating with you through her dance, until she lets the third veil fall.
She comes now to the green, the veil of the heart, and she dances for you her emotions, all that clings to the heart, all that fills the heart to overflowing. All the infinite capacity of the heart, 'til she drops the fourth veil.
The golden yellow veil swirls around her in elegant arabesques as she expresses herself, exerts her will, flashes her intellect as she plays in her self-created world and spins in circles of transformation. She throws off the fifth veil.
The dance of the orange veil brings connection, relatedness and interaction. She relates to you with her dance and is curious and explorative of the space that connects you. She abandons the sixth veil.
The red veil is her last and she is fully of the flesh, of sensation, of raw and spontaneous sexuality. She is your hidden sexuality, born anew in you as you witness the translation of spirit into matter, the living manifestation of Mystery in the flesh.
She lets fall the last veil.....

⋆3. If you are ready, Mystere would like you to dance for her. Take seven veils, scarves, and wrap yourself in them. As an offering to Mystere, dance the Dance of the Seven Veils for her, visualizing each veil as the energy field of your body and dance out this energy before you drop the veil.
NB Mystere says that if you are not ready for #3 yet (this may apply, especially if you are of the male gender) it is OK. You will be one day. One enchanted evening you will be inspired to dance for her, and you will. She has all the time in the world...

⋆4. Find ways to perceive and honor the Divine Feminine nature of yourself and those you encounter as a gift to Mystere. She appreciates this offering far more than money in her belt.

⋆5. Meditate upon the Middle East as a 'Cradle of Civilization'. Send the energy of the deep feminine to heal all war torn regions as a mother cradles her children.

✧ɖǟӄɨռɨ ȶʀǟռֆʍɨֆֆɨօռ
I am the mystery
In eyes that gaze
From behind the veil
Here to amaze
As I reveal
What is concealed
In your imagination
And offer you initiation

All mystery lies within me
I have access
By removing the veils that obscure
My inner Divine Feminine

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