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The Absolute

Throughout the ages, man's highest potential of understanding has been to develop a relationship between creation and creator. Every society has had its aspiration linked to the primal questions of origin- 'Who am I?', 'Where am I?', and 'What is God?'.
I am a spiritual warrior, and I can only supply the warrior's view as to the basic questions and doubts of life.
The Absolute 'is', and there the thought process stops. No matter what your attitude, one is faced with the fact that there is 'isness'. If you identify with a creation, or even a void that contains all, one has before him the primal substance of an 'isness'. Even if one says there is nothing, this initial nothing is still something of differentiation. In the dualities of something and nothing, a warrior goes beyond to a point of no concepts, and simply says 'The Absolute'.
Within thought, God is only a concept, and whether it be a personal God, or an impersonal reality, one's concept of God is still just a thought process of the mind, and the concept one identifies with, will dictate the God he will find and acknowledge. Every man and woman, no matter if primitive or sophisticated, will build a series of concepts to pin down every aspect of the creator called God. God is thus a product of their thought, and as such is but an illusion unto them.
A warrior has one profound realization and builds his world from it -- The Absolute cannot be conceptualized, for it cannot be built or created by one's thoughts, nor is its existence dependent upon thought concepts. The actuality of The Absolute is the only reality, and that 'isness' will forever be fact unto itself, and no thought process can bring it into a higher light. For someone to study God, in the hope of understanding God's identity and attributes, is merely a search into their own conceptual thought. Man has built an identity with his thought, but since we are spiritual essence of The Absolute, thought cannot be our true identity, nor can thought ever be the reality of The Absolute.
In deep meditation thoughts are not present, yet one is still aware, for existence is not dependent upon thought. In a state of no thought, one abides as pure essence of The Absolute, for in its reflection we are God in manifested actuality. There is no birth or death of the spiritual essence of our being, we simply 'are', and all existence is part of that 'isles'. The questions of 'why', 'how', and 'where', in relation to this manifestation, are not part of the warrior's concern. A warrior recognizes his existence, and grasps this unique opportunity to traverse this mysterious experience called life, for each moment in the adventure of a miraculous perception. At this very moment, the analysis of the present moment is superfluous. If one tries to analyze the moment, then one will lose the precious realization of it, for The Absolute 'is', and does not reflect upon itself, but rather reflects thru itself. The Absolute does not yield to questions and answers for it is the totality, and thus self explanatory and self evident. It is complete and whole, and in no need of discovery; thus we all abide within it, in varying degrees of consciousness, as the moment fulfills itself.
Past and future are not a reality within The Absolute, for they are thought concepts within our mind, and thus are illusory. The moment is here and the warrior lives it, not questions it-- to a warrior, this very moment of existence is God. Since he knows that the moment and God are within him, he drops the concepts completely, and simply resides in the non questionable reality. Thus God is no longer an illusion to a warrior, for God is not a warrior's concept. God is not an attainment of a conceptual goal, but rather a realization of spiritual union to be lived in the present moment. If one could attain God, then one could lose God-- God is not outside or inside, God is the only reality, and everyone and everything is part of this one encompassing totality.
Reality is not a thought concept to figure out, but an experience to live. With no questions, there are no problems; and since we are the spiritual essence of The Absolute, then there are no goals of discord, or paths of attainment. And since we all must be here in this ever present moment, then none of us has any hurry to get anywhere. With no rush and no goal, one becomes desireless and unattached to the world's folly, and instead abides in a constant awareness of the spiritual reality of this present moment. The warrior views the manifested world as a mystery- not asking where, how or what it is. Whether illusion or reality makes no difference, for illusion is also part of the totality of The Absolute. The warrior is in this perception of manifestation, and whether dream or not, his actions have volition--so he dedicates to a purposeful life of understanding and challenge. This is the purity of a warrior's freedom; it is a simple life of spiritual realization, built of the manifested rocks of sincerity and respect. He knows he is spiritual essence, as actuality of The Absolute, and lives this realization; thus, with no path, goal, or concepts to burden his heart, the spiritual warrior is free…
Within A Miraculous Realm by Richard J. Oddo, 1988
Artwork by Martina Hoffman

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