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Harmonic Transformation

Everything is experienced as music. Individual lives are notes threaded along a universal score that gradually becomes sweeter and sweeter to the ear as evolution gradually reveals deeper and deeper harmonies. This higher social harmony will progressively reveal itself as human beings moved beyond the domain of Shadow consciousness and realize the harmonic blueprint that underlies all human civilization. As this is realized, so it is also manifested as the Divine Synarchy. As this codon awakens throughout the human genome, we human beings will become aware of the harmonic geometries of the higher evolutions. The higher subtle bodies of humankind are designed to self-organize into potent and coherent formations of awakening beings.
Humanity has always sensed the presence of the Illuminati or chosen ones. We have woven them into our legends, dreams, and even our conspiracy theories. However, the Illuminati are a commonly misunderstood ideal. The term does indeed refer to higher evolution of celestial beings or ascended masters, but those beings are not separate from us. They are our higher nature personified. As your higher bodies transmute your lower instincts and emotions, so you come into the frequency field of their higher harmony. This field draws you into itself and gradually transforms your cellular DNA into its highest mode of functioning. We no live in the time of the gathering of the Illuminati--a time of unprecedented planetary change. As the awakening becomes progressively more widespread, the awakened higher bodies of individuals will come into a heightened communal harmony that quickens the frequency of the whole of humanity. Eventually the Illuminati will assimilate all human beings into its ranks and humankind will finally experience itself as a single unified cosmic being.
When the 50th Siddhi begins to break through in human beings, an all-powerful current of harmony begins to shower the people with whom they are allied. Deep hidden issues are brought to light in order that social equilibrium can occur. As the Siddhi occurs in one human being, it triggers the Gift in all those around them because the power of the celestial frequency drags consciousness out of its lower manifestation at the Shadow level. Through this 50th Gene Key humanity is destined to arrive at cosmic harmony, although such a concept will require sustained period of equilibrium before the scales finally activate higher harmony. We know this higher harmony as oneness with God.
All human individuals should take heart form the messages contained within this 50th Siddhi. It is one of the true master keys governing and protecting human destiny. Beneath the veneer of your outer life, harmony prevails, even though you may not be able to see or feel it. The blueprint of your awakening is held securely within the caulks of this 50th Siddhi. The deep laws of the comos--epitomised by this 50th Siddhi--govern everything that we humans do in the world, from our loftiest sacrifices to our most despicable acts.
Whoever you are, your acts gradually move you toward Divine harmony over the course of your life. For most of us there will always be moments when we touch upon the echo of this great harmony deep inside us. For some, the harmony will become a habit, born of a love of freedom and a vision of cooperation. If there is one thing you can say about this 50th Siddhi it is that as it grows in power, it will orchestrate groups and communities of human beings into a beautiful symphony in which we become the instruments, and consciousness itself is the music that plays through us.
The 50th Gene Key
Gene Keys by Richard Rudd
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Artwork by Autumn Skye
"Harmonic Transformation"

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