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This planet Earth, this Blue Jewel, is an amazing planet. Like other highly evolved nervous systems, the Earth does not have an awareness of everything that is occurring on it. The Earth, as a spiritual energy, can respond to everything that is occurring on itself, but like Man, the Earth does not have consciousness of all. Man, who is all over this planet, can see and react and can communicate to the spirit of the planet and help the planet engage in self-correction. This is a powerful task. The fact is that you can contribute to the Earth's self-awareness. Therefore, by contributing to the Earth's self-awareness, then this can allow the Earth to generate a unified and healing response.
That response may take hundreds of years! The Earth's feedback loop system has a slower response than you do. In your perception, hundreds of years is way too long for the Earth to rebalance itself. By being aware of that damage that is continually being done and sending that awareness to the spirit of the Earth, then that can help the spirit of the Earth. The Earth can then create better defenses and better healing mechanisms so that that area can be brought more quickly back into balance. This is done through a spiritual communion with the Earth. When people gather in groups and ceremonies and speak to the Earth about the imbalance, then it makes the Earth more aware. You can call on the Earth and her feedback loop system to bring this area into a healing unified energy.
In healing work, think about working with the whole system and bringing the whole system into balance. With your help, the system knows how to bring itself into balance. This healing process is the same thing with the planet. We can try to analyze each aspect of the imbalances in the planet. We will go down a very complicated road which may not make sense to us. We can talk about the global climate warming. We can say that the climate is increasing a half a degree centigrade each year or the water is rising several feet per year. Each one of these problems can have quite dramatic effects. The Earth has the resiliency and the ability within its feedback loop system to monitor and make self-corrections. The Earth can compensate for an overly stressful reaction in areas such as global warming. The Earth must be instructed, or the Earth must be communicated with, to react in its feedback loop system using the whole system.
Working with the entire planetary system is an important concept in planetary healing. Let us look at global warming, for example. Global warming is a symptom. We could say that global warming is one aspect of a greater imbalance on the Earth. If we lower the temperature on the Earth, then we still are going to be back to a normal balance. Changing one aspect of the Earth doesn't take into account the whole system of the planet. This doesn't take into account that the Earth has a feedback loop system that has the resiliency to deal with an imbalance in one area and can be compensated and made up in another area. The whole system has to be involved.
This systems approach is a high level of evolutionary planetary thinking. This whole planetary approach that I am speaking of is found in advanced civilizations throughout the galaxy. These civilizations have surpassed the Earth. They have, for example, overcome the impulse to destroy themselves through wars. They have abandoned nuclear energy. There is no advanced civilization in this galaxy that travels intra-galactically that uses nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is considered a primitive and dangerous energy.
This systems concept that I am describing is a higher order concept. These advanced civilizations have used these higher concepts to integrate themselves with their planets and to activate the innate healing energy within a planet.
You, as planetary healers, have come to this planet on a mission to work exactly with this concept. Therefore, we need to encourage you to use the ability of biorelativity in a way that begins to foster a unified activation of the Earth's feedback loop system. The Earth's feedback loop system can respond to your input.
Sense the purity of consciousness of the planet Earth. Send your energy, telling the Earth that you are aware of where the imbalances are and that you are part of the Earth. You are assisting her in self-correction of her feedback loop system so the whole planetary system can be rebalanced. The true planetary ascension is the rebalance of this planet into a higher order.
Copyright © September 2012 ~ David K. Miller
Thank you being a conduit of light and love and for opening this up to the world
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