over 9 years ago
Invisible Bridge

In my dream I'm waiting on my girlfriend in my car by some soccer field where kids were playing soccer. She gets in the driver side and attempts to do, 'dirty things' with me lol, but I freak out because of all the soccer kids playing their game next to us. I guess I talk her out of it and we drive in some downtown area. She parks the car on a hill and tells me she will be right back. As I'm waiting on her the car starts to roll backwards. I see the car in park. I pull up the emergency brake and that doesn't do anything. So, I hop in the drive side and drive it around the block to a parking lot but it was hotel costumers only or something. The dude letting people park said he would call his manager first. As I'm waiting, I see a cop drive by my car where susan parked it... I get confused and look at a bike laying next to me. My buddy Abhi walks by and tells me that some cops took his Goji berries, lol. Abhi was sad and going on about how bad the cops are here.
I end up driving my car again but into a ghetto area. I'm thinking in my dream, I'm not suppose to be here. My dream then jumps to me parking my car by my girlfriend's circus school. As I'm getting out of my car some of susan's circus guy friends are hitting on me. I kept ignoring them so, they got upset and started saying really rude things. I flicked them off and keep walking fast down the side walk outside her school. I end up at another parking lot but no car this time just me. The parking lot over looked this hotel and I saw two of my old friends Ashley and Ashleigh, who I had not seen in forever come out in there belly dance get-up. I wave them over to me, they come running over, and we rejoice in hugs because we had not seen each other in a long time.
Out of no where a black car goes zooming off the parking to the street below. We look over at the dread head parking lot man and he has the biggest grin on his face. We ask him if there is an invisible bridge... He just smiles and says, Yea, mun.
Me and the ashley's get the idea to go smoke some weed somewhere. We walk down to their car and I see susan climbing into a car full of her circus friends. I call out her name, she comes running over, and kisses me. Then she tells me she will be right back again. I hop in the ashleys' messy car and we drive around until we find a place to smoke. We park outside this gold, copper, and silver welding workshop place. I take a hit and then my dream jumps... I'm in a backyard that looks similar to my moms. I'm gazing up at the beautiful sky and I turn around to see this really dirty hippy kid. He tells me how there was a music festival just here. I look at the floor to see rocks and rabble. I agree with the kid and then he tells me about how he grows corn back here for the festival. I picture corn waving in a large field with beautiful pink and blue skys. Yum.

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