over 7 years ago
The Will to Fly Again. Inner Liberations

I was in a grocery store like Whole Foods or Trader Joes and saw an old friend, Brittany. I wanted to surprise her so I started to run down an aisle and put out my arms then leaped from the ground. I felt weightlessness and flew. I flew around the store with a big smile of happiness. Everyone was in the store had this look of "awe" on their face. I landed down next to my friend. She said "I just witnessed history in the making." Then she asks, "How do you do that?" I said "you open up," and I did this jester of opening up my arms. After that I told her, "you let go and lift off." I demonstrated for her by opening my arms, ran a little, and leaped into the air. I flew to the door and turned around and waved to her.

I landed next to susan, my girlfriend as she was opening the door. We saw Ricardo (Susan's hand-balancing trainer) and he was getting pushed around by these two guys in hoodies. Susan walked over there then the guys start going towards her. I lifted off, flew towards the guys, and they freaked out. They guys started running as I chased them from above. I felt like Falcor or something! lol

Out of no where another hooded guy came flying towards me. We wrestled a little in the sky. I told him, "Your not the only one. There are more people like us who have magic like us." He stopped and I flew down to the ground. The other guys I had chased earlier came at me. I ran, jumped, and flew towards the shop again. I lost the guys flying to the store.

Back in the store I got something and brought it to the cashier who was DJing. He told me he knew my friend Franky and told me I don't need to pay. I noticed this flower of life poster behind him glowing with pretty colors.

Telepathically Mallory(honed in) told me she was in Ashville, NC and that her new friend has this awesome magically power to open people's third eyes.
I saw a vision of her friend who was very young had tan skin, dark hair, and baby blue eyes. Mallory's friend was behind a cash register and stood there as some person came up to her. The person seemed ready to check out. Mallory's magical friend humbly smiled. The person checking out turned around and I could see a large third eye opened on their forehead as they faced me.
I looked at Mallory and she said you have to meet her.

I decided to head to Ashville with Susan. I remember collecting crystals on the way there and stopped at some festival. There were large 2 house-like structures made of mud and sticks. One structure people were vending at, so Susan and I headed there because it looked really cool. We got there and went into the place. Susan and I went down two steps into a circus gym that had lyra, trapeze, and other circus stuff. We saw our friend Cami and ran over to say hello. Susan then started playing on a lyra. I walked with Cami over to this window. Cami told me she was having relationship problems. She was telling she was having trouble keeping a relationship because she could not find love. I told her something along the lines... "A relationship can seem close ended. It is not about the relationship really but it is about relating to the other person who is a beautiful mystery everday." I looked over at Susan.
Cami then was about to cry as she said "I don't know love." I looked out the window and said, "You see, love is in the trees, the mountains, the grass, everything, and love is in every moment. You are love. Love is here, Love is now." Everything began to glow white and then I woke up.

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