over 7 years ago
New Medicine, New Portal, Bringing them home.

The dream started out first with me taking pictures with a really good camera. The photos were of high def scenes of paint flinging with people in them and random places. The photos were intense, it was almost like you could touch the paint with your eyes. Maybe one day in my waking life I can recreate the photos.. :)

------- Second part of the dream ------

I was at 7th Circuit Studios (where Moksha Art Fair is hosted/ Home of Moksha Family).
The Studio was all white in my dream and they had a random huge library upstairs. I heard a new medicine plant was going around at Moksha. It was some kind of cacti like San Pedro. One of Ray's (Ray is the owner of 7th Circuit and host of Moksha Art Fair) workers was telling me there was a glitch/side effect of the cacti where one can come in contact with a reptilian. Only if that person takes a lot of the cacti. The worker told me how Eva Ruiz (Another beautiful local visionary artist in Miami) was working with the cacti a lot and came in contact with a reptilian.

I found Eva on the floor painting. We were at an event at Moksha. I pulled her aside to see if she would open up about her encounter. We both sat in Lotus pose on the floor facing each other. I looked into her eyes and saw her encounter with this reptilian. The reptilian's third eye opened and telepathically passed her very important knowledge about their kind and their connection to us (humans). I also telepathically received the knowledge when I saw her in contact.

The information was coded like a song. Basically the reptilian was telling us how they are the bass (like in music) of the healing frequencies. They were considered a lower (low as in deep) healing frequency. The most receptive to humans because it is a primordial communication/flow of energy they symbiotically have with us through the spirit plane.

The reptilian was telling us how their kind has been coming to Earth through portals and star gates for a long time. They have found the longer they stay on earth in the physical dimension the more prone they are to becoming corrupt. Something to do with their DNA...

And In the recent Earth years more people/humans had found out about their existence through time and history. More conscious of these beings/energies...

Now that we are "Aware" of them they can go back home.
Go back as in the ones that are stuck in the physical realm.

That was the info from the reptilian.

----second part----

In this dream: A New portal had been opened by a Rothchild who was rich enough to fund a new virtual reality system working in some room. Looked like something out of Tron.

Some of the reptilians were at the Moksha event that came through the portal. They were there to try and stay balance until they could make their move about bringing their brothers and sisters home. The corrupt ones subconsciously wanted to go home. The ones from their frequency needed to bring them home for us and them.

I confronted one of the reptilians at Moksha about closing down the portal because too many came through and could throw Earth out of balance again like they did in the past.

The fucked up part was how the system Rothchild funded for the new portal was working. It took an old lady who was ready to pass on and trapped her in her body. This messed with time and space. It created a rift in time and opened the portal. The virtual reality system somehow tricked the old person to staying in their body. I had to convince a reptilian to go into the system and shut it down from the inside. Somehow I got a young boy reptilian to do it. Once the old lady was free she was thankful and passed on. The Rothchild and the old corrupt reptilians were pissed.

It was almost like it was a vision because I was sitting in front of Eva again.

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