over 9 years ago

Three connected dreams last night. I woke up between each one, but was able to place myself back into the same setting after falling asleep again, which was super cool.

All three took place in this megaplex mall. It looked, however, like it had sustained some damage. Leaks in the ceiling, walls with rips in the plaster. There were booths set up with merchants peddling their wares. The actual mall shops had all closed down, some were gated, others just looked like they'd been looted to the maximum.

I walked down the main thoroughfare of the megaplex, moving slowly like I do for the music videos. There were a few people with me... no faces that I recognized. I kept asking them if I looked like a cyborg moving in slow mo like that. I was trying to entertain them, but no one was laughing.

I moved over to one of the merchants, a very attractive woman perhaps in her mid 50's. She smiled at me warmly. I began to pick up objects... small wooden boxes with intricate designs... beautiful well-crafted wares. She was so pretty. I was sure I'd buy anything she was selling. It was then that I realized I had nothing in my pockets. I looked around at my entourage, but nobody had any cash on them. I became anxious, and had the feeling like I had lost a large sum of money. Woke up panicked.

When I went back into the dream, I was able to enter the same building instantly. This is something I've been attempting for years. It rarely works for me. I was so stoked, but even within the dream was consciously telling myself to stay grounded and not freak out with excitement. I began to look for the same merchant. Couldn't find her right away, so I turned down another hallway where more booths were set up.

A familiar looking man was behind one of the booths. I couldn't quite place his face, but he looked approachable, and I went over and saw that he was selling cinnamon buns. They looked really yummy and sticky, and I wanted more information. He started telling me about his ingredients, and the spices. He had a sample of a light beige coloured spice. He wanted me to stick my finger into a wooden bowl and taste it. I did. Sucked my finger slowly. He licked his lips. I felt suddenly shy and skipped away. Woke up and had to have a cold shower. I don't know who he was/is but he seemed really epicly delicious. And I do LOVE sticky buns!

The third time I went into the dream, I was suddenly in a zone past the booths... huge open hallways that actually looked quite a bit like the backstage zones of G.M. Place. I am hyper, dancing off the walls and jumping on any object in my path, sliding in slippery shoes on benches and weird curb like things. I was running up a huge staircase (felt like the Eiffel Tour staircase, actually, but it was never ending. I felt tired and stopped to pause at one point, but then kept going at hyperspeed. I looked down and saw that the booths below had transformed into a pool of really clear blue water. In typical me fashion, I realized I wanted to be down there and not up where I was.

Woke up feeling stoked to have re-entered dreamscenes. Also woke up feeling like the messages are coming to me in such a clear fashion that I would be a fool not to listen. The grass is greener right where I am. It always has been.

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