over 9 years ago

Turns out it was a really good call not to go out last night. Slept almost through the night, and had only one dream I could recall in which I was meeting Tyler Gentry's brother.

Woke up this morning clear headed to answer a phone call for an acting gig with my film maker friend, Marc.

As soon as I saw his number light up the screen, I smiled. I thought to myself, "This is what you stayed home for."

Ended up having one of the best days I've ever had playing a housewife to a dude who plays a corporate whore/heroin addict. The video we did will be used as part of a one man play which will be put on in Gibsons at the Heritage Theatre. The dude I played opposite with (and got to kiss on the cheek!!!) looked so much like Tyler it was freaky. As soon as I saw him, I thought, "Oh, of course. It all makes sense. The dreams are preparing me."

I was flubbing at first, of course. Feeling as if I was on unfamiliar territory. Feeling shy. The female director was awesome, though, and made me feel really comfortable. She fiddled with my hairscarf and called me "hon". After the first couple of takes, I was actually really stoked when she pulled me out of the scene and talked me through how to block it. It was cool. I was actually listening to her, because for some reason, running on film crew time seems super serious to me. Keeping shots "tight", and all that. The big ol' clock ticking in the sky as we all calculate our collective incomes and push harder. After each take, both of the directors would give the leading man and I about seven more directions in a row. Like, "eyes wider. look to the right more. and up more. and could you hold your chin up just a bit higher? and move your hand more slowly? and take two steps instead of three. and smile more. and maybe pause before you take that step backwards. and watch the door because it's making a noise. maybe shut it slowly. and watch the sleeves on the coat." We're both like, "Ok. Sure!" *GULP* I'd look at him and say, "Go team!" every time we had to start over.

The guy who wrote the play we were filming was really funny. Super dry wit. Cynical, a bit. But not overly so. I was super anxious on the ride to the location, but he was really funny and told me stories about his three year old son that were hilarious. By the time I arrived, I was cool and collected.

Getting dressed was funny. I'd thrown on a skirt and skateboard company t-shirt but the female director wanted some skin to show (I was wearing a housecoat and hair curlers too... so hilarious!), and I was like, "Hey, if you want me take my shirt off, I have no problem with that!" and everyone laughed. I'm in a bikini top in the Oil BP YouTube video... I could care less about some cleavage showing in a minor local production. And especially with such a hottie co-star! Lordy.

I had some really yummy lemon cake. Probably went a bit overboard on that one, but I'll be sure to dance extra hard tonight. And I must say that I adore Tim Hortons coffee. Double double extra large. All the way.

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