8 years ago
Judged by Step-Parent...

This dream had several layers to it, many of which aren't coming to me now.
The significance of the underlying theme feels more important anyway.
In the dream, Dan and I moved several times. In and out of a few places, none of which were terribly desirable. We had been living in a somewhat nicer place but then we had to move back to the previous place for some reason. This previous situation was similar to the place we just moved out of in the waking world. It was the basement apartment in a house full of drunk partiers. The house was filthy and falling apart. I hated it, but there was no option and so we moved.
Then I learned that Dan and Diane were coming to visit. I went about desperately trying to spiff the place up because I know how anal retentive they are about living spaces and I was worried that I'd disappoint them. But there were so many distractions! Friends were coming and going, each with their individual dramas, all needing attention right now. I was getting frustrated and exhausted. I went to the last place to grab some things to move in to the new, and when I returned, Dad and Diane had already arrived. They had let themselves in and were getting settled already. I was dreading facing them. My head was filled with all the criticisms they would have and all the ways I had fallen short of impressing them.
As I came around to the back of the house, Dad was standing outside in a pair of fancy slacks and a nice shirt. In waking life, he never dresses like this, but I watched The Birdcage before bed last night, so he was dressed like Robin Williams' middle age Miami Beach Drag club owning character. We hugged and he told me that he had to run out but that he'd be back in a bit. It was getting late and I must have looked confused because he explained that he had to go to the hospital - his father was on his deathbed. This is confusing to me because my dad's dad has been dead since my dad was very young. But I guess it's just symbolic because dad's sister is in the hospital right now and he's been spending tons of time with her there.
Anyway, he said he had to leave but that Diane was inside setting up. He didn't even want to discuss this house, it was pretty awful in his eyes. We hugged and he left.
I could see Diane through the window. She was setting up a bunch of stuff as if it was her house. She looked disgusted and seemed to be trying to make the place livable since they were staying for a few days. When I went to go in, I found three bags of herb tied to the door-handle, like she had found it and wanted it out of the house, but wanted me to know she had found it. It made me so mad. I felt like she was invading my space and judging me for living there, even though I didn't even want to be living there, I was just kind of stuck in the meantime.
I was really frustrated in the dream because I knew that in waking life I'm living in a much nicer place now, but somehow in the dream I had taken a step backwards and I never even got a chance to show them what a nice place I lived in.

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