8 years ago
L.S.D. Adventure...

Dan and I were at a summer festival. It was quite huge and many of the other people there were folks I haven't seen in a long time. Plus, there were some people from my high school class whom I haven't seen in ages. We were in a large mansion. Dan and I were sitting on the staircase. We were going around the room and having a get-to-know-you quick update from everyone. Kiymbah found me and decided to sit with me. She was really excited to see me and was asking me so many questions about how I was and what I'd been up to. I started to tell her that I've been really overwhelmed by life, but loving every moment. Then it was my turn to address the group so I excused myself and stood up. I said hello and thank you to everyone for being here to share this lovely event. I told them my name and then mentioned that I've been working so hard lately to build my life just the way I want it to be. And it's finally paying off, after so much effort and challenge. After saying this, the room erupted in cheers. I felt so good and loved and appreciated! Two of the women sitting near me had gotten tattoo work. One of them was Maymi, from high school. But she was also Dan in that moment because she stood up and showed off the mushrooms that I tattooed on Dan last night. Before I had time to explain that it wasn't completely finished, people crowded around to see and there was a wash of ooos and aahhs, followed by eruptive applause. God that felt good!! The sharing circle continued, but I was swamped by people wanting to ask questions and get my contact information. I was buzzing.
Then the circle broke for a moment and somehow everyone decided together that we all wanted to take LSD. In this case, everyone included some extended family members of mine, some other random grown-ups, and even my old boss Holly.
The trip started fast. There were some guys who were new to the experience and a little gun-shy, though they found their groove in no time. It was hilarious to hang out with nubes. They were learning acro-yoga and having so much fun. It was really fun to participate in a mass-dosing and have so much love and appreciation flying around in all directions. I felt appreciated and held by everyone there.
Dan and I wanted to go to our tent to get dressed so I could go swimming. But instead we went upstairs in this palatial structure we were in. We found the apartment of one of the couples who was downstairs, participating. It was really huge and gorgeous. We went into their bedroom and laid on the bed. There were two huge boxes of nuts and fruit on the bed and I was really enjoying eating them, despite being so high. We kicked it there and talked for a little while, about the experience and how we were feeling. Then we decided to go get dressed to go swimming before it got dark. I was really looking forward to swimming while tripping on acid.
Back downstairs, we weaved through a massive group of people. The group had grown because of a wedding reception going on in the same space, though those people weren't tripping and it was hilarious to see the interactions between us and them. They were more than a little confused. We passed by a table, set for the wedding and I reached out and grabbed a flower petal from the table. It was shaped like a perfect heart and I gave it to Dan.
We passed by the acro-folks again on the way to our tent and they asked if we wanted to go on a little adventure. There was an artifact that needed to be delivered to someone at the marina and we needed to get it there post-haste. I was up for the adventure, though I wish I could remember more details on how it all went down.
We were in New York City when we were driving, but the party was on a California beach. I drove, which is hilarious because I don't know how to drive... and I was high as hell. I have driving dreams every now and again. I feel like they symbolize confidence, because I end up doing a good job despite the obvious difficulties of not having a clue what I'm doing.
I hopped behind the wheel of this huge Cadillac and we started off. Daniel, Andrew Sorkin and someone else were with me and they were all like, Woah, are you sure you know what you're doing and I was like, Shut up, I'm having fun. I was a crazy-person behind the wheel. I was swerving all over the place and narrowly missing pedestrians and other cars. I wasn't having trouble operating the vehicle, it was just such a new experience. Oh and I was so high...
I dodged through New York, going against traffic, zigzagging between above-ground subways, somehow managing to miss pedestrians who were walking willy-nilly in the streets. Finally we got to another beach, near our destination of the marina. The car disappeared and we were walking on the sand. It was pretty crowded down there. I could see a secret shortcut to the marina. It seemed appropriate, since we were on such a super-secret covert mission.
I tried in vain to hold on to the adventure, long enough to see it through. But alas the morning had arrived and I needed to start my day.

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