almost 10 years ago
Alien-Cat needs Gold to make his Headache go away...

Had my first alien visitation/contact dream. I was with many of my very good friends, at an outdoor festival very much like ABD. It was nighttime and we were ramping-up for the party. I decided to take a moment of introspection so that I could enhance my evening's now-ness. Then, very suddenly, swarms of U.F.Os came zooming in from off the horizon. They were at first round cylinders with a porthole and almost comical looking wings, with which some of them were flying. Others flew without the wings. Then the U.F.Os became triangular-shaped, and fairly flat. They flew through the air, flat, but would pivot around their corners to make rapid turns. They glowed like the light of LED frisbees on the corners.
As festival-goers, we marveled at the sight. Then they started coming down and interacting with us. I was both amazed and afraid. A triangle approached me and began morphing in front of me. It was like quicksilver. I was afraid enough to keep my distance, but I spoke clearly to it - out loud and in my mind - "Welcome! You are sacred! I am reverent!" I bowed my head and placed my hands in prayer over my heart. It came closer, examining me and I just continued to offer prostrations and non-threatening thoughts and words. It seemed to be examining me, coming very close to my face. Then it did something really amazing...
It turned itself into a beautiful, soft, warm orange tabby cat, and cradled itself in my arms. The feeling of holding this creature made me unafraid and totally full of love.
It was a chilly, damp night, but holding this warm, soft creature kept me perfectly warm. We talked for quite a while, with our minds. I wish I could remember the subjects we covered. I believe we spoke of fear and love, humans and aliens. The entire time, he just looked at me with these huge, intense cat eyes. He had no emotion, no real cat-like qualities besides his body shape and feel. It reminded me of why we see alien faces the way we do - the huge eyes; the triangular face. He had appeared to me this way because it's what felt safe to me. I looked around and others were also having contact experiences, but to others they were manifesting as games, music, clothes, shapes, etc...
The cat said, "I need to ask you a very important question." He was serious quite suddenly. He asked if I had any gold. I had two thoughts - I was both bummed because I had been thinking of bringing some gold earrings, but hadn't, and also afraid because I didn't know why he needed it. I've heard stories that aliens need gold to make weapons or power their ships. He told me he needed it to make his headache go away. I searched around my immediate location, looking for some kind of gold - but found none.
Very quickly, the cat turned back into the flying/glowing triangle and left. I felt abandoned. I was cold now without the soft, warm, loving thing in my arms. I realized that our connection had not been special or unique, he had just been looking for gold. It made me sad but also exhilarated to realize I'd just made first contact.
Chavon was there and we excitedly discussed our experiences. Others had rejoined the party, but there were scores of glowing triangles still with us - or so I thought. It turned out these were cheap toy replicas. They weren't real U.F.Os. Just LED crappy plastic toys.
I wasn't sure what to do with myself. I wanted them to come back. I wanted to hold that kitty again. I wanted to feel that warmth. I decided to sit and meditate in order to hold onto the feeling.
Then the dream changed. Our party was inside a house and the police arrived to discuss the sighting. They had tables of stuff lined up outside and they wanted us to grab objects that we associated with our encounters and show them. But it was just a bunch of junk. I was looking ferociously for something with gold in it, hoping that if I could find it, I could possibly persuade the aliens to return.
Then I woke up.

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