almost 8 years ago
Choosing a Better Outcome...

Dreamed that I was part of a company of dancers. Ballet? I was just another dancer until one day I was chosen by the Headmistress and Master of the company to become something of a special figure within the company. She took me aside, into a private room and taught me that I had strange and special powers.
I remember sitting in a room with a couple of other dancers who were initiated into the power as well. I was at the head of a large table and as we spoke, I spoke a particular word and my reality rapidly shifted into another dimension. It was almost like looking in the mirror, but not literally reversed, just an alternative perspective.
In this other dimension, I was instantly under threat by an evil version of the Headmistress. In there, she was something of a vengeful witch and would immediately emerge out of the scene and start coming after me. I was told this would occur and was told that in order to survive the subsequent attack by this evil woman, I needed only to imagine a different scene. But I needed to imagine it in such a way that I truly believed I could change the outcome. I needed to imagine that I was perfect and untouchable and that she didn't exist. If I could successfully conquer my fear in the moment, I could advance and my powers would grow. It almost seemed like levels in a video game, but I wish I could remember what it was that triggered the shift and the appearance of the evil.
It was frightening every time, as I usually had only seconds to see where she was appearing and imagine a different scene before she got to me. She wasn't just a scary woman - she truly represented a level of pure evil that terrified me to my core. It seemed like a cinch to just imagine being safe and happy, but in the moment, in those few seconds where she was threatening to close on me, it was a struggle to feel anything other than pure terror.
My fear would be my downfall, and so I grew stronger to act with confidence and vanquish my fears. After I was trained to do so, I went back out and joined the other dancers. We went about our routines of dancing and hanging out and even doing some socializing that was purely for fun and not by virtue of us all being in the same room for dance reasons.
There was even a male dancer (who had been in the room with me when I was training.) He was also an initiate and stuck close to me both because he had a crush on me, but also because he wanted to keep an eye on me as I learned the ropes of survival in this new life of mine.
The dream was very nearly a terror dream, with the number of times that I would slip into this bizarre and threatening place. It would frequently happen when I was suddenly alone, as if being alone with only my psyche would somehow flip me into an alternate universe.
There were many other details within the dream that I get flutters of feeling of now and again, but nothing I can fully draw from memory. I know the origin of the themes of this dream - the dancing, the parallel universe, the absolute evil - I watched Black Swan before bed. But I think it's curious how my subconscious turned it into the story of finding my power through transmuting my perceptions - literally taking a threateningly evil situation and having to think about it in a positive light, in order to survive the threat. This just happens to be how I try to conduct my life on a daily basis - though I have no way of controlling my surroundings, or the forces that will be acted upon me, I have the ability to choose how I react to those energies and if I feel that they are there for negative or positive reasons.

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