over 9 years ago
A lesson in telepathy

It feels like the future. I am on a rocky shore line that is littered with huge pieces of industrial debris. I look out over the clear water and stare at the orange sky and the setting sun. There are some houses on a street above the shore. Most of them are uninhabited. A few of them have lights on and you can see people busily packing through the big front windows all of them seem to have. I now find myself in one of the houses packing some things into a small bag. There are several people in the house and we are all preparing to leave. We are ready. We all go outside and patiently wait for the people in the rest of the homes on the block. We are silent. The others join us. A large van comes driving down the street and stops to pick us up. We pile in and are very cramped. We drive for a long while and finally arrive at what seems to be our destination. Its a hub of sorts. A place where humans are being sorted out. There are alien creatures that are appx. 2 1/2 times the height of an average human and very muscular and strong. They are humanoid-ish, but also reminded me of several different animals. Their skin is very interesting..... lots of blues and greens. There is a girl in the van who appears to be my friend. We are telepathically communicating. She is teaching me how to communicate with these beings. The van stops and her and I get out. We approach one of the huge aliens who is basically throwing humans into different designated areas of the hub. Tossing them. These people are miserable and enslaved and dying. We stand below him and he looks down at us. I take a good look at him and feel out his energy. He feels neither good nor evil. He has a brutish sense about him and doesn't seem that intelligent...... its feels like he is just doing his job.... He is almost void of an emotional field and seems slightly confused by this dimension he is in. It definitely feels like these beings are from another dimension and that their communication skills are not very finely tuned in this one. Once I affirm this feeling in myself the girl looks at me in approval and begins telepathically communicating with him. He knows who she is. She is coaxing him into letting us help the people. She energetically introduces me to him. Its as if we can sense and feel all the brain activity in his mind but can put up blocks so that he can only feel and sense what we want him to in ours. I am instantly learning how to mentally sort out what I really want to come through. He examines me very closely and decides to let us aid the people. For some reason we are different from the rest of the humans these beings have control over. The rest of the people get out of the van and we go to the aid of those who need it.

I've really been feeling this dream for the past few days. I feel like the whole dream took place in a different dimension. I am relating these beings to some of the things I see when I do healings with people....... energy taking over a person and almost enslaving them in a way where the person is not fully aware of it........ just an after thought.......

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