over 12 years ago
triple sided pyramid key, unfolds the universe

we were all apart of a caravan, 7, with 1

leader. searching for a truely good wife

to sute us or him, lead by a young man who

was paying us in silver, 10 each. we

were warriors, the greatest of the

greats... atleast, i was. i was a long

spears man, safe from harm, fast enough to

strike the first blow.

on a multi level system universe, we

traveled around spinning galaxsies, all

looking pretty much the same, on a purple,

pink, blue, red, white, rainbow axis

system, though u can not make your own

path, its like a maze. heading to our

future direction. we were now seeming to

be on earth again. either docking from the

visiters, or they had taken them with us

in exchange for the piece.

we walked into a castle, then to a room

with a projection screen on it, we sat at

the very top. it was lit inside, but the

picuture was crystal clear.

we traveled to a small cresent island

where we met 3 single pricesses. one thin

and sexy, though had been a raped victum

and was acrazy about sex. one fat and

couldnt help her self;she cried when she

talked about food...the other was a

blur...we set sail, leaving in a dark and

mistfull night red was our skin embeded

with gold. i remember sailing and talking

about the time waisted on the terrable

wifes. our oldest and talest discuraged

and tired said, "id be fine with anything

at this point". we teasted reminding him

of his age, but incurraging him there was

better out there. as dawn approuched it

cleared, we could see the sky. before we

hit the dock, "2 gods" had come down, the

greatest aliens i had seen, they were

fierce, with sharp long teach, atleast 6-7

feet tall or taller, large diagnal

horizantal eyes and skin like a serpent,

not scaled though somthing like a humans,

it was hinted purple to green scheen with

dark grey as a drop color. they had cloths

on, like apart of somekind of kingship.

long thin arms, thin torso, legs and feet,

all huminoid. they were powerfull beyond

our means to fight them, though

outnumbered. they raced to the maindeck

in a hastly mannor and quickly opened the

door, seeking only one, piece, that had

been either lost, or hidden. some kind of

bribe had happend, as we gathered around

them and the "captin" he had offered or

they had offered 200 silver each or 1

object, or he was paying us only 10, but

he said he was a poor man, though smart

and in that time wisdom was worth more

than silver, he was apparently rich now,

or had already beem rich. a small

inscribed 3 sided pyramid, seemed to have

an eye at the top. seemed to be a time

laps, a bigger 3 sided pyramid, was near

the front of our ship,(((mast>>> and they

had placed the smaller one top to complete

a whole piramid. with a beem of light to the sky, it was a key to view the

universe, as a whole. showing the

direction of 4 objects, 2 ufo together on

the right, mill falcon on the bot, ? on

the left, laser blue = sign on the top ,

all wobaling it seemed.

what was the means of them doing this,

they must have known about it, was this

ultimate power, to be able to defend

against and make perfect attacks. or was

it for peace to insure balance, maybe it

was sepurated to create balance, it was

very powerfull and to fall into power

hungry hands would be negative.

did they take us into space, or were we

already traveling?

who was the man leading the expidition? a

prince in diskise as a wise man? seeking a

wife, and we were his guards? we were not

meat heads, we were peaceful and had


we walked into a court yard, it seemed to

be a mission i have been to in san

antonio. and i felt like i was with a

group of friends and we had already been

here. so in my dream i said, "hey! we have

already been here! what r we doing here!

some one said "no you havent" so countiued

with the captin leading in a determand

fasion. we walked into a mission where

church was about to start, 3 rows of stone

statues all on there knees, hands together

on the bench infront of them. they turn

human and stand, singing all together,

then into stone again with horns, some

single curled and others half curl.

the preacher began to speak from the back

he walked clam and slow to the front, he

had a message, this church seemed to want

to insure it was following the right path,

not just listining to what was told of


...we all hurd what the pope said..., sais

the preacher. and we will get o the bottem

of t, **STAFF ground**

audience man in black hat, "...satan,

said..., ...we will live forever...,

...even his audience..., and there was a

painter, painting off to the side as fast

as he could, "somthing out leading with

direction to with out missconstrution. and

...all 2million of them were


a women in the 1900-1950s speaking to a

groud about what is right, every one

cheering, ...i once heard a man say...
...legistlation miss direction..., ...now

i cna see in his ways... - women singing

why did i only remember bits and peices of

this dream? why was the painter in such a

rush, did we go to the mission to slay? or

seek inlitenment? who were the 2 men, god

with his staff, and satan with his orderly

and directional speaking? or was it some

kind of clearing of the air? the church

trying to do something in a governing way

that was going to hurt the people?

this women singing was from a recent movie

i have seen it felt like? was she

preeching for equality? standing up for

what was right? or following some kind of

wrong path?

final thought: what is the true order of this dream...

all of this felt so real, like a memory.
like, it was good. pure. real.

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