over 12 years ago
Disabled psycho thriller

been off the dream herb past day due to FRIDAY NIGHT, do not mix alcohol and shaman herbs..This one was a little weird/dull too

went to bed at 5 am and woke up at 9am, tried really hard to fall back asleep and dream, i was having some wild closed eye visuals

then all the sudden im on a bus.. destination unknown..and theres this girl there who keeps looking at me, i get the feeling she likes me so i try and talk to her but quickly learn she is mute.

she tries her hardest to communicate to me but i just didn't understand any of it.. the whole time im just really upset that i cant understand her. And i feel absolutely horrible for this person, all kinda sad emotions at this point

we then get off the bus and try and hitch hike the rest of the way, at this point its me, the girl and two other older looking handicap people, almost instantly we get a ride, but i knew right away things were fucked..

when we get in the car and started moving i look down at the ground to see me and the 3 passengers legs chained to the seats, at this point all these thoughts start coming to my mind like, "hes going to murder us!" "how did we get chained here did he drug us?" all kinda weird stuff,

then i finally yell, ARE YOU CRAZY? let me out of these chains!!, and he slams on the breaks and had the most un nerving look on his face and says quietly, im not crazy... i just don't want you to run from me, so then i feel bad again and apologize and then make him feel better by telling him hes a good guy for giving us a ride .(cant believe it was that easy haha)

i look down at the chains again and notice they are really easy to escape, almost like they were tied together by some person with a ..disability

then we arrive at this huge venue, which is in a really crummy area but theres 3 separate parties going on, the building was massive, not height wise but covered something like 4 football fields in length, and everything is on the second floor, on the first floor is nothing but dirt

i run into some familiar faces and they are all telling me how lucky i am that i wasnt at party number 3 because someone got stabbed.

basically i remember three parties

1-disabled people party (where i stayed)
2-one room had a bunch of freaks on dirt bikes
3-and the other one was gangster, where the stabbing happened lol

all three totally not my scene

the rest of the dream i remember frantically looking for something to drink,(maybe because ive been drinking that night and water was needed lol ) then all the sudden all three parties go nuts, and a voice comes on over the speakers saying some really important people are coming ( forget names )

i was in a hall way at this point.. after the message i look behind me and see a massive mob of freaks,disables and gangsters all running in my direction, like a wall of them,

one person in particular stood out haha, he was a HUGE bald guy with no shirt or pants on, the guy must have weighed like 600 pounds , he comes bowling balling through the crowd

i manage to escape the mob and then i see police cars escorting two nice cars, one has this guy in it almost like snoop dog? and the other car had like some big bodacious queen of africa.

they give me a stair while driving by and then i wake up

--waking life time passed 45 minutes

--dream time seemed like 2 hours

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