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The Tall People

I was walking with Denni on the rez road at night, I think I was walking her back to her parents house and we were fairly close to getting there. A violent lightening storm came out of nowhere and soon everywhere around us is being struck. Huge fires start up, including Denni's parents house. So we run over to it, but the front door is blocked by flames. So we go to the side door and there's a huge hole where the door used to be. Flames fill up the kitchen and Denni runs in to see if anyone is in there... I lose sight of her, but see Dallas' little boy and grab him out. I run through the trees looking for Dallas and finally find her with a look of terror on her face. Everyone that was in the house is in a clearing in the trees. I hand her boy over to her and she sobs. I look for Denni and find her in the clearing as well.

The dream skips ahead and for some reason, Denni and I are back on the rez road this time walking close to the spot where the horse-shoe hoodoo is located. I looked up at the hoodoos and saw a light flickering in a little cave. A shadow moved across this light and my friend Denni said something about it being a "Death Watcher".

As we came to a curve in the road we noticed a little fire burning off to the side, initially I thought it was from the lightening, but as we get closer it turns out it's a fire for people to sit around. I see this man who looked homeless and he was closest to the road. I was scared that he might grab out at us as we tried to pass and that's what he did. He grabbed Denni around her shoulder (Denni was on the left hand side of me and I was closest to the edge of the road on the right side) and managed to grab me in with her. He pulled us over and asked us where we were going? Why were we out alone so late at night? He told us to sit down. Denni sat on the right hand side of me, while I sat closest to the man. He had long greasy looking hair and the harder I focused on him, he changed. He now appeared to be incredibly tall even while sitting... he must have been... 7-8 feet. His face was fairly worn with deep lines and it looked pockmarked. His nose became huge and his eyes became black and small. I looked at his hands and couldn't believe how huge each finger was. I looked at the other people around the fire and found that they too had changed. It was if they had held up some kind of illusion to passersby and once Denni and I had come into their circle, the illusion disappeared. There were gigantic women as well as men and they looked native... and somewhat human.

I turned back to the man sitting beside me and he looked at me curiously. He asked what my name was and I told him. His huge eyebrows raised and he nodded. "Hiy... yes I know the Phillips' " I told him that I was Gwen's daughter and he shook his head. "No... no I don't know the women... tell me the men names." So I said that my grandfather was Alec Phillips and he nodded "Aye... I know Alec. How is little Alec?" I felt confused... I wasn't sure if he had gotten my grandfather confused with a possible son with the same name or if he was talking about my grandfather when he was younger. Either way, the conversation got somewhat confusing. I looked around and got the feeling that he was trying to distract us from something. I hadn't noticed that the others had been getting the fire prepared for food. I was hit with the realization that Denni and I were to be eaten. I whispered in her ear to run. So I got up and told the man that we must get going. He shook his head and told us to sit and talk some more. I turned to leave and signaled Denni to run. He grabbed my arm and Denni ran. I managed to get away from him somehow and for some reason Denni and I ran towards the Hoodoos instead of down the road. We found a cave opening and went inside.

The cave looked to be where these people lived. There were huge carved out rooms and beds. It seemed to just keep going. So we ran straight through. A doorway with sunlight was up ahead and when we were about to reach it one of their women stepped into our way saying that she was hungry. I told Denni to run around her while I distracted her. I yelled at the woman in makeshift Ktunaxa. Yelling that we were ?aklsmaknik and some other words that I cannot remember. She backed off and Denni and I managed to get away.

Then Denni and I are outside of the Band Hall (the door by the road) and we're apparently going to walk to town (I'm still not sure why we're walking... or the reason why we're walking to these places). We're part way down the road when Denni says she forgot something and tells me to keep walking while she runs back to get it. So I do... I notice that someone is walking in front of me. Wearing black pants and a black hoodie. I run up to him (somehow I know it's a guy). I notice that his hands are blue. He stops and takes his hood off. His face... all blue. He has the same eyes as the tall people, but his nose isn't as big as theirs... I ask him what he was. He told me that his mother was human and that his father was one of the tall people. I asked him why his skin was blue... and he said something about having too much of some mineral in him. He says that he hates how the tall people kill... and that he was leaving them. And for some reason I climb up on his back and hug him.
Then I woke up... telling myself to remember this dream so that I can write it out.

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