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Five dreams with simple sheet music included

Night of August 3, 2015. Monday.

As promised in my last entry, here are five dreams that I have managed to include simple sheet music with online. With the equipment and technology we have presently, I could probably even duplicate each theme fairly faithfully, though we are working on other projects presently.

In this dream (“Never Go to Waikiki Again” from July 5, 1969), the music is more in the background almost like an in-dream afterthought for the most part and coming during the waking process itself (at least in the first version of my dream).


In this dream (“War of the Serpents” from September 11, 1969) the music seems to mostly be performed with a saxophone, xylophone, and an almost inaudible background orchestra that fades in and out unrealistically (that is, for a real-life commercial production).


In this dream (“Things…From Outer Space” from November 7, 1970), the music is somewhat light and “distant” (in this case I made a recording as a child but am not sure where it is located; possibly at a relative’s house).


In this dream (“Them ol’ Glass Jars” from July 12, 1975), the theme is more musical and sung by a girl’s chorus though the glass jar effect gets louder as I get closer to the waking process.


In this dream (“The Legend of Tony Karoni” from June 27, 1976) the included sheet music represents a very limited rendering of the otherwise layered musical speaking (by the bandits) at the end of my dream (which was very vivid to the point of almost being startling). The harmonics are not included here, thus it is only slightly faithful to my dream. In this case, I am also reminded of how “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles is off-key in the chorus harmonics (where oddly most people do not notice unless they listen more closely) whereas most sheet music versions I have seen (except for one version that is faithful to what is actually sung) utilize only relevant harmonics to the chord, giving it a completely different sound and mood in most cover versions with not a single change in the notes, which makes me automatically cringe after being used to the Beatles version (even though it is off-key).


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