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Relevant (Personal) Dream Symbols Part 2 of 7

Night of July 26, 2015. Sunday.

In my first part of this set, I went on and on about hay and haylofts, though here, I will try to encapsulate some well-established personal meanings on a wider scale, all verified many times.

Both apples and strawberries are a visual symbol for the human heart, particularly in more vivid waking stages. It can relate to either the actual present condition of the heart or as a love interest.

Volcanoes represents originally, my interest in the physical modality of the human heart though related more to feminine adolescence at one point, and lava of course, represents blood.

Going up in an elevator typically represents the waking process as I have said numerous times before and likely little else.

Atomic bombs, though loosely related to actual fear of nuclear war may take on a whole new meaning in dreams. I discovered that they actually relate to the dreaming process itself and the level of conscious control (that is, lucidity) one has over their own thoughts (or in-dream environment). In “Nuclear Scarecrow” (March 31, 1983), the scarecrow was actually me as a non-lucid dreamer not having control of (the ending of) my dream. In “A Place in the Sky” (November 26, 2014), I finally learned full lucidity at levels of consciousness I had never held previously. Even though a nuclear explosion occurred, quite realistic and ominous in its presence, I “froze” it (though it was still unfolding very very slowly, as you cannot stay in a dream forever) and I went on with full lucidity for longer than usual.

A comet (though not that common a personal dream metaphor) has come to represent potential descendants (due to a comet representing a singular human male seed - this came in a flash years ago due to the visual “sameness” at some levels - thus a comet is the “macrocosm” version of the microcosm of man’s seed). “Comet Girl” (August 15, 1990) where a comet split, swirled, formed the Yin and Yang symbol, and transformed into a young girl standing on a large stone within an ocean scene at night somehow seemingly foreshadowed the birth of my first daughter on August 15, 1998. In my dream, I “knew” this (that is, I “knew” she was my future daughter).

Flying has two associations, one simply (and solely) as a metaphor for the dreaming process itself, though rarely (usually only in hovering dreams) as not getting enough support. For example, if you have a nightmare about floating around the room, it may mean you are “not getting enough support” from other people (or at least feel as such, correctly or not).

Spiders have come to represent either positive or negative connotations with the human hand (due to the very similar imagery) and even reinforced by the childhood action play (using the hands to represent the spider): “The Eensy Weensy Spider (Itsy Bitsy Spider)”. The association is not always negative (depending on the dream of course, or whether or not one has a real problem with spiders at the time by which case the meaning is literal as with any other so-called symbol) and in fact also stands more feasibly for perseverance. During my transition where I finally became ready to meet my “dream girl” in the real world, I dreamed of this childhood action song almost ecstatically (in my own voice, which sounded very happy), and even in my dream, I was aware that the spider was actually a hand at times. I was so blissful, I actually laughed myself awake with a sense of joy. Both perseverance and patience was always in my nature.

Niles or Holland Perry (as in the movie “The Other”) came to represent classmate Michael G as being alive and cheerful again in dreams such as “Visiting Niles…or Holland?” (March 16, 1989). Michael G was a 13-year-old classmate whose next-to-last act in life was having some sort of unexplainable “rage” against me for no seeming reason. We did not physically fight though he knocked my books from my arm and seemed both terrified and angry at the same time when I acted calm and passive regarding his unexplainable accusations (made even more odd by my learning he was from New York rather than of the southern “suspicious” mindset). (He died with no public explanation on March 16, 1974.) The seeming remote-viewing contact with Susan R (at the same moment of his death which I did not learn of until Tuesday of the week that followed) was one of the reasons I broke off from any kind of relationship with her - her being the only other person I had ever experienced the “Blue Pearl” event with (other than my wife Zsuzsanna). This event traumatized me at certain levels for about a year, although there were not that many relevant nightmares.

A horse represents the life force. The death of a horse in-dream has come to mean the real death of a peer (as I learned from Michael’s death).

Typically (though not fully inclusive), I tend to dream about very small explosions and small items vanishing (such as a credit card or a playing card or even a pencil), sometimes with flashes of light, shortly after I experience a bit too much environmental noise in real life (such as hammering in a neighbor’s house).

Insects sometimes reflect the state of the skin (such as being too cold - for example, I once got very cold and had a short dream of insects devouring my feet) and also relate to vaguely perceived itches during sleep (fairly common).

Bats (especially three bats) have come to indicate foreshadowing or the bringing of precognitive scenarios (not necessarily negative). This is based on them being “messengers” from the “unknown” collective consciousness (in a similar way as birds) when the “mysterious” subconscious is metaphorically a cave.

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