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kevin bacon working on cars
Kevin Bacon?

Morning of March 19, 2014. Wednesday.

This morning I dreamed of a male actor with long brown hair and only about twenty-five in the dream. I could not remember what his name was, even though I “knew” his identify and that he was a well-known actor. I also could not remember what movies I had ever seen him in. I thought and thought and it did not come to me, even after several hours. Then, we (my wife and I) decide that I should go shopping…

So, while walking past the meat section, and seeing a pack of processed bacon…it dawned on me. Kevin Bacon. I would proclaim that this is a good example of an inverted form of triggered precognition but will spare you the “pain” and silliness. Seriously, though, when you stop snickering, on to summarize the dream.

I am not quite sure where I am living. I believe it is sister Marilyn’s house (who passed away this year). The rest of the neighborhood is very different, though. There is a large, mostly empty field directly to the north. There are a few cars here and there. These cars all seem to either belong to Kevin Bacon, or he is fixing them up for friends and relatives. He seems very cheerful and friendly, and, as I have already stated, quite young compared to his present real age. He is mostly using some sort of orbital sander on the bodies of the cars, mostly the fronts. However, he goes inside a van and does some sort of welding and a very strange atmosphere overcomes the dream’s mood - as if it is very likely that there will be an explosion caused by whatever he is doing in the van. However, that never happens - yet it is almost like a form of anticipated entertainment.

I talk to him about the type of paint and such relating to the automobiles and how the finish and such is completed. There is a strange idea in a confirmed conversation of how a car only needs a finer finish in the front and how the back can just be left with a rough finish. He has much work to do but oddly seems like a close friend and is happily tolerant of my impositions and presence as I ask him various questions. I am not one hundred percent certain, but I do not presently recall dreaming of Kevin Bacon prior to this.

Sister Marilyn does make an appearance but she is somewhat transparent and not more clearly defined - almost as if it is only an image from elsewhere. Her head, a bit larger than life, appears in the backyard and reflects a sort of mild interest in the environment, but I do not see the rest of her.

In a previous dream completely unrelated to this one, there are kittens everywhere - and I do mean everywhere. They are en masse. The ground is all kittens, some seemingly with two heads or six or more legs and other furry bits, although that may be due to how crowded together they are. They are mostly all calico kittens of similar proportioned colors. During this time, I am also somehow aware of small tunnels into the Earth that have larger stones around the openings and which go into the Earth at about a twelve degree downward angle. Are all these kittens coming out of the Earth and covering the planet? It seems like it, but the tunnels and kittens are separate. The area of ground on the west end of our yard, to the back of the house, is entirely covered, possibly in two layers - but they are only on ground and grass for the most part. They cannot seem to move very much or very far from where they are wiggling and rolling. A strange sight, sort of pretty in a way, but still strange.

kevin bacon working on cars
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