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Morning of June 12, 2015. Friday.

In this dream I seem to be living in a skewed version of my childhood home in Cubitis yet again. However, the neighbors are seemingly all different and it seems to be in present time. The time throughout at least the first two parts of my dream is at night, perhaps around nine o'clock. I am with Zsuzsanna as we are now for the most part. To the south live another married couple, I think, and they own two cars, which for some reason are parked in the southwest section of our lawn, the back of the cars right near our windows, both cars facing south. This annoys me, but that is not the worst of it.

Just outside our windows, in our big front yard, is a large vehicle which mainly resembles a container truck. There is an additional truck which also seems to relate to an industrial or commercial venue; some sort of semi-trailer cab or utility vehicle though it reminds me of a Matchbox pipe-carrying truck I had as a child. One truck is parked facing south and the other facing east, parked in our driveway. I am very annoyed at why people would park like this in our yard. I start yelling at one point, at no one in particular, though the unknown female in the other house looks through their northwest window and says that the trucks are not theirs. Although I am annoyed by the cars parked in our yard, I say that the trucks are far more annoying to have parked right next to our windows. Both trucks look like they might be from the early 1970s or earlier. I am not sure where the drivers are.

I decide to go out and do something about the situation. Somehow (without any implied special powers) I am easily able to move the truck manually by pulling on the front bumper and it rolls to be perpendicular to where it was and now faces east towards our house. I give it a shove, and it rolls backward across our entire large front yard, goes across the highway, and stops on the other side near Kenny and Karen's old house. The other truck, I do the same with, as I doubt anyone would know what happened or what I was capable of and I feel very good and assertive in doing this. I push it with slightly more effort and it goes a bit too fast and nosily flips over while crossing over the small culvert and lands on mostly its side, though partly leaning on the first truck. I feel a sense of pleasure and wish I could see the reaction of the drivers who had the audacity to park in our yard. An unknown neighbor mentions something about it and I make a claim of how they were so easy to move as such due to them being on wheels.

Later, my dream shifts slightly, and my wife and I are on a large bed at the end of our driveway, head of the bed to the south and adjacent longways to the highway. We are starting to make love. A group of people are walking south down the highway, all somewhat drunk. One mildly intoxicated male stops near our bed and holds his beer bottle on it (near my head) as if it were a counter. I start calling him numerous extreme curse words and ask him if he thinks this is a public place (which it is not, as we are technically in our driveway). As I am yelling, my dream shifts again, though I have a residual confusion about why I would have the bed outside and especially right off the highway. It seems related to just having augmented boldness.

This time, there was a "fictional three daughters" carryover from a recent dream. However, this time the fictional three daughters belong to my wife's sister Judy - though I get the impression they are recently adopted, though they have a somewhat Middle-Eastern appearance. For some reason, Judy is rolling her eyes to where the pupils and irises almost vanish (and only white is left showing) and I comment on this in a humorous tone, saying something about her trying to see her own forehead or something similar.

My dream fades when we are all in the kitchen and there is something involving both the preparation of food and something about working with some sort of educational craft. I get the impression I had been eating too much of something from the refrigerator's freezer but cannot recall what it was; possibly some sort of weird fictional food item, though I also take some Salami sticks out to eat from the refrigerator section after this.

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