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Afternoon of June 2, 2015. Tuesday.

Over the years I have noticed a lot of different facets of particular dream states and have not always made direct associations in relating a particular dream type to a particular dream (especially in my earliest childhood journals before I came to discover more and more trends and general seeming "rules" in different dream states), especially as there seems to be many different composite types or perhaps two "adjacent" dreaming states occurring at one time. Now that I have gone beyond learning how dreams relate to one's life path and achieved the supposedly impossible several times over, I will make an attempt to relate certain terms I find myself using more. Even though this entry regards the most common aspects of dreams I have experienced and studied and is in a way the "law" of my dreaming over half a century, almost everything here is virtually nonexistent in mainstream dream literature. There are other dream-related terms and events that are not as common (such as "layered" dreaming or having two or more dreams at the same time), which are not included here.

Carryover: As mentioned in my last dream entry, this is something I have noticed time and time again, especially in the last five years. It is what I call a small aspect of one dream that occurs in an additional dream, often something seemingly trivial (perhaps even unnoticed at first) - usually a day later - and never again or at least not for a very long time, often something not related to the additional dream at all other than in otherwise partially contextual scenes or in-dream associations. They mostly only occur two or three times on consecutive days. I am tempted to label much more sparse carryovers (such as between several or many years) as some sort of "anniversary" connection (though have not validated it personally). Sometimes these carryovers seem almost like a vague "bridge" between two otherwise unrelated dreams.

Dreams within dreams: I am sure I use this concept in a completely different manner than others and attribute more than one possible definition as is. In some dreams, there are entirely false "memories" that seem quite personal and "real" (one of the reasons why changes in the environment are not always noticed, I suppose). Other times, there are something like "daydreams" within an actual dream or more like a mental visualization of a dreamlike "memory" within the actual dream. I think others sometimes use this term in a completely different way, inferring a dream that follows another dream as a false awakening.

False awakening: This is something I have read about elsewhere. False awakenings can be so vivid, one thinks they have actually awakened from a dream while still in one, though I note there is no relevant hypnopompic cycle present from the prior dream, though there is some sort of shift in consciousness. They seem to be more vivid (and even more persistent) when one keeps a journal, in which case the false awakening has the dream-self thinking he is awake and recording or relating (to a friend or relative) the prior dream. This seems a bit of an odd, even pointless trait, both subconsciously and consciously and is just another mystery. Often, regardless of certain levels of vividness and even partial lucidity, false awakening dreams can be just as fouled up in composite or fictional settings as so-called normal dreams.

Instigation in nightmarish dreams: Many years ago, and long since, I have come to remember certain origins of in-dream events, including in displeasing ones. This is because I often had clear enough of a memory to identify myself as the dream-maker (first realized when I was only about two years old - likely related to the trauma and "impossible" healing thereof). It is a very precise knowledge that comes back often after an "attempted escape" event. The most common was having the memory of instigating a chase against my dream-self by a "monster" (often a tyrannosaurus) or human enemy, which I seemed to have done just to create action of some kind. The only exception where I have not been aware of being the dream-maker at one level is in certain types of nightmares (very rare) that seemed to be triggered by either apnea or arrhythmia (as documented, the main one being of an "invisible" dragon, which I associate with chaos and disease).

Remote viewing: Probably the most common in-dream experience for me other than precognition or visual foreshadowing (too complex and precise to be coincidence, such as two people creating the exact same fictional landscape at the same time - and "cop outs" indicate the lack of knowing what the word "coincidence" even means). It sometimes even relates to having the exact same dream (in considerable detail) as another dream journalist I do not even know much about in real life around the same time period (or sometimes very subtle patterns that I instantly recognize upon reading their journal). This often is validated even more by the other writer including details I did not even document online (and the fact that only a HANDFUL of people keep online dream journals out of about SEVEN BILLION people), so I know it is more than just superficial influence. The last remote viewing event was related to another dream journalist who somehow had an identical beginning part of a dream as I did, so I will repost part of her entry (from another site, followed by mine, which were apparently posted at nearly the same time though the date differs by two days).

From their journal on another site (May 25, 2015 2:44 AM, pdt): At a distance in front of me, a man sits in the cab of a truck. The truck is painted white. With no structures nearby to finish the scene, it is not possible to say if it is a small pickup or a big semi, 18 wheeler. The hood, roof and door are the clearest details. Definitely a man in the driver’s seat. “Dreamer behind the wheel in dream.”

My entry (on this site) is here: http://dreamcatcher.net/blueopossum/17699

What this other poster did not know was that my dream started in an identical fashion to where I was not sure if it was a pickup truck approaching or a semi (as that actual detail was not even included in my entry). This happens continuously with me, though most people never even notice, which I find hilarious in some ways, as it helps me to reflect on the general silliness (and total lack of an iota of credibility) of human nature. Occam's Razor does not state "everything is a coincidence". Occam's Razor is a line of reasoning that says the simplest answer is often correct. The only feasible explanation is that an unknown (to mankind presently) mechanism is at work. It does not do any good to throw out the nature of factorials and claim everything is chance (for example, there are over five thousand ways to arrange only seven facets in the "correct" way).

"Reset": It has become my habit to put this word in quotes - carried over from my teenage years regarding dreams and dream work. A "reset" is usually followed by a replay that is very similar to the first version of a dream (though sometimes quite different), sometimes during the same sleep period, other times several days later (or in rarer cases, several years). I do not directly associate this with recurring dreams even though they technically are in a way, as I consider recurring dreams to have a more uniform unfolding and outcome over time. To me, I tend to think that "resets" are some sort of semiconscious interference with the dream state in cases where the dream has to play out in a certain way at a certain time, perhaps related to a cellular function (which I believe certain dream types are related to). Resets and replayed dreams have been somewhat of an irritation concerning my online work, because I sometimes have issues over which version of a dream to have as an example of older dream work.

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