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Recent Remote Viewing/Precognition

Morning of May 26, 2015. Tuesday.

As I have mentioned in past entries, precognition and remote viewing seems to be the main causal layer behind many non-lucid and non-environmentally-influenced dreams (at least for me), so much so that I do not have the time to document each event with an update. In this case however, I am documenting it mostly due to all the facets relating to one event. An older sister on my father's side had sent me a small collection of photographs (with me having no idea she would be doing this, especially as we have not had much contact during the course of my life and the photographs were sent to her by my mother over the years) - which are from various time periods from earliest childhood to my early teen years.

Facet One: "Houdans" from May 20 had scenes of chickens "kissing", something I do not recall dreaming of before. In fact, the rooster in this particular dream (Fonzie) seemed to represent an aspect of myself, as it was as tall as me and was bordering on an event of lucidity.

One of the photographs my sister sent has me holding a chicken (not a Houdan, though black and white) with its beak against my nose.

Facet Two: "Beautiful Tornadoes" of April 30 has my dream ending (as I reach apex lucidity) with the sky becoming as if someone is coloring in a penguin.

One of the photographs my sister sent has me coloring in a penguin in a coloring book as a boy.

Facet Three: As already noted, my recent May 25 dream entry, "Sword and Blood" made a note of how I felt it was me "reliving" my childhood trauma of nearly having my left hand cut off (even though in my dream it was my upper right arm).

One of the photographs my sister sent - has - you guessed it, me during the time period I was recovering from this event which occurred July 4, 1962 and while my hand and wrist is still wrapped. In fact, I had been imagining seeing this exact same photograph recently and very unlikely - received it the day after in real life...(even though, again, I have only heard from her a few times in the last twenty years).

Facet Four:

One of my wife's very recent dreams featured a child (our youngest son) talking on a plastic toy rotary telephone (of the type of toy I have not seen since the 1960s).

One of the photographs my sister sent has...what else...me standing and talking on an old-fashioned (rotary) toy telephone as a very young boy.

Business as usual, but this time documented online with more detail.

Before I even prepared to post this, a semitrailer truck has parked and is idling directly across from my bedroom window. ("Not Quite a Meeting" from today on May 27, and his cab door is open and a neighbor is talking to him - this is by no means a common event.) Again, this layer of dreaming is so typical, I usually leave it out.

Also, I have held in my mind a scene of an unknown young person bashing loudly on our front door for no particular reason. This happened as well, making several other dreams precognitive as well as validating my conscious focus on it (which has happened continuously over the last twenty years, more-so over the last five years). It has never happened before, that someone ran up onto our porch and bashed on our door at night and ran off, to play a joke, I imagine. It seriously alarmed our youngest child as well as my wife, but they were gone immediately, even when I went out (with a weapon) to look for them but saw no one. To this day, I still cannot understand how people can be so careless about their personal safety, especially with strangers.

Still, all of this seriously pales in comparison to what I learned over twenty years ago and by which no one else could probably relate to. It still comes with a peace of mind in marrying my "dream girl" and things which I have learned and continuously see that are beyond many people's ability to even perceive at all (especially in these times). The mystery remains, however.

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