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strange twin girls
bird behind fence
Unusual Bird

Morning of May 18, 2015. Monday.

I am in an unknown area, seemingly in late morning, near a small wooden cattle fence but which does not seem very high. However, at times, it seems I am inside my present home on W Street and outside in this unfamiliar area at the same time - though it does not quite seem like a bilocated setting, just ambiguous.

After a short time, I notice a very unusual bird walking around on the other side of the fence (and in conscious afterthought it looks much like a bittern but the coloring is wrong and it seems unnaturally "stretched" and thin). Upon seeing this unexpectedly unusual bird that I do not recall ever seeing before, I want to show it to members of my family. I start yelling the names of my two youngest sons and my wife but there is no response (and my voice sounds quite loud to me). I can see the feet of my second youngest son through a doorway as it seems he is lying on a bed reading (again, it seems as if I am outside and inside my house at the same time though looking through the other doorway of my "house"). I continue to yell their names, becoming a bit frustrated that no one is responding.

Finally, they all come out but by this time the bird is farther from the fence though still visible. I get the impression (though not correct) that it is some kind of ibis and say this aloud, but pronounce it like "ee-bus", so I start to think that maybe the bird is not that rare or unusual after all. The members of my family do not seem that impressed by the bird.

Meanwhile, this extremely unusual-looking man in our "yard" and who is wearing what reminds me of a Canadian Mountie hat, remains motionless (and slightly leaning forward) and gazing at two extraordinarily odd-looking twin young girls on the other side of the fence (yet none of these people had been seen just moments before). They all seem unrealistically ugly, looking almost like troll dolls (though more naturally human-like). Either the man is making fun of their appearance by somehow making his face look like theirs (and I do not consider how this would not actually be possible), or the girls can manipulate how someone else's face appears (equally impossible) as well as somehow "freezing" the person they are gazing at (though not necessarily turning them to stone). I am not quite certain which is the case even in conscious afterthought though I am somewhat wary of going near the fence to get a better look at the bird because I also vaguely remember something about Stheno and Euryale, the Gorgons. The mother of the girls is nearby but her appearance is seemingly normal. Nothing much happens after this, just an unexplainable sense of caution.

Unusual-looking or unidentifiable large “exotic” birds, though often with heron, egret, stork, or bittern attributes, are a fairly common feature in some dream types since early childhood. They often consistently have the same unusual mood or essence that is not present in other dream types.

strange twin girls
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bird behind fence
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