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cards and holograms
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Cards and Holograms

Morning of May 15, 2015. Friday.

In the first part of my dream, I am with my wife and children in what seems to be our previous home on Barolin Street. I mostly remain around the area near the doorway into the kitchen, though staying mostly in the living room. I have some sort of card, about the size of a standard playing card or trading card, that is transparent in some areas and may be three-layered (with the transparent part being sandwiched between two thin cardboard layers that may have a couple abstract patterns). When I hold it up over my left eye, it creates realistic holograms in the room of various (unfamiliar) people walking around, sitting down (on our actual furniture), and interacting with each other. It is almost like watching characters in a movie. It is very realistic and three-dimensional and I mention this to my wife who is standing near the doorway at one point. This dream scene is almost like the opposite in mood to my dream from yesterday ("Several Intruders" from May 14th) in that there is a cheerful and interesting atmosphere (though of course, in this case, I decide whether or not to see them via usage of the card). I remain intrigued by how "realistic" the holographic people are though they are completely intangible and lack the potential to interact with, apparently, and I do not clearly recall experiencing them audibly speaking or at least what was said. There are mostly a few older females in long old-fashioned dresses as well as children (both male and female) of various ages.

Later, the living room of the Barolin Street house seems to slightly infuse into a composite that includes my old King Street apartment (the northeast corner room with the cupola area), though it “feels” more like the Barolin Street house. Still, the pinhead Leonard S shows up (mostly standing) and there is also an unknown younger male in the room (sitting on the floor) and he seems annoyed. He is possibly a college student and is probably loosely modeled after friend Rick S though he does not resemble him that much. He becomes angry after I inform him not to go through my belongings and he eventually starts yelling about not having eaten for several days, which is supposedly why his mood is atypically as it presently is. I go to check the status of my (fictional) collection of trading cards. (In fact, he may have been going through my room to find food, though this is not certain.)

My "collection", or at least about half of it, seems to include duplicates of the same musician-themed card (and which are more like typical plain trading cards; not like the hologram-making card in the first part of my dream). Two of the slightly sketchy card designs are Rick Springfield (thus the possible association with friend Rick S) and David Essex - though the cards seem to have been made in the early 1960s or the late 1950s, which makes the scenario impossible (which is typical of dreams for some reason). Inside a large white wooden cabinet on the bottom spacious shelf is a sequence of four metal (silver) rotating trading card racks that make me think of rotating comic book racks (also called "revolving comic book racks") except about one-fourth the size and with four tiers each. I am annoyed by the different tiers coming apart and some of the cards falling out onto the shelf and floor (though I do not question why I would have so many copies of the same card). I keep trying to fix everything up as the unknown male complains about his status in the background. I seem to have a slight empathy for him regarding his plight.

cards and holograms
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racks for trading cards
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