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house on fire
house shedding toothpicks
Cable Box Fire

Morning of May 8, 2015. Friday.

My dream's setting, which is meant to represent our home, is rendered with quite a bit of detail, though it does not seem that familiar (even in comparison to various past false renderings of our home as dreams typically do). There is concern about some sort of cable box for television (and possibly with computer connections as well) that is illogically hanging near the window at a slight angle, a bit more than halfway up the wall, in what seems to be the living room. Over time, I put my hand on it and clearly feel intense heat. I can even vividly feel the heat on the palm of my hand from about a foot away. This becomes a concern of course, as it may eventually cause a fire. A small fire soon starts near the box, but we put it out right away with a spray bottle (probably filled with water).

Time passes, the television remains on, and I eventually see reddish orange flashes outside the windows though it is not that late and I think the sun is still out. I go outside and see that the entire front of the house is on fire, but in several different smaller sections near the roof, each area on fire being just above each window, of which there are at least five areas. I get the garden hose and manage to put them all out, but I also note numerous small clean splinters of wood falling to the ground, which I even remark upon in my dream, though this oddly does not seem that problematic, especially as they are so small, almost like the house is “shedding” slightly curved toothpicks.

I realize that the house we live in (in-dream) is not suitable to have cable television - since we seem to be able to have the television on only for a few minutes before the box overheats enough to cause a fire. Strange dream "logic".

house on fire
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house shedding toothpicks
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