over 6 years ago
tiger approaches from behind
two tigers walking in city
Two Tigers

Morning of May 6, 2015. Wednesday.

I am not sure why I dreamed of tigers (in a more correctly-rendered manner in terms of imagery) other than as an influence from my wife's recent dreams. Not much happens. My wife and I are in an unknown large city (though possibly Brisbane). I mostly just see one large tiger at a distance at first, walking along the sidewalk in a business district, never closer than about half a block away from us. I think we may be looking for a book store or possibly a video rental store.

I am talking to an unknown female at one point, who seems to have a near-chest-high counter set up outside right near the street where she is either selling small jewelry items or possibly train tickets (though it is also possible she is mostly only there to give directions to pedestrians). She is aware of the tiger across the street and about one block down and seems a bit concerned but remains at her post. I see a second large tiger approach her from behind (without her knowledge) from about ten feet away but nothing threatening or dramatic occurs. I contemplate whether or not I should mention the second tiger. Curiously, I do not have any sense of danger.

two tigers walking in city
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tiger approaches from behind
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