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Morning of April 29, 2015. Wednesday.

This was a mildly stressful dream with religious overtones (even though I am not religious by nature - though this is more due to the unexplainable events continuously experienced throughout my life).

In my dream, I am living with my wife (and probably our children) in Cubitis yet again. (I have not been there since 1978 and my wife has never been to America.) The area has a different feeling, though. It may be present time; this is uncertain.

A dark-haired supposed female classmate as she might appear now (relative to being near the correct age), though seemingly fictional, visits for some reason (or is possibly coincidentally in the area and I happen to notice her car parked just off the highway). I have an unusual idea to travel with her to town (even though I do not know her name as it is not mentioned to my knowledge), southerly, but which is also seemingly fictional as it is called Mayfair, not Arcadia. This is a bit odd as I have never heard of Mayfair in Florida or at least do not remember such a place name. I feel a bit strange at leaving my wife at the house, though Mayfair seems fairly close, less than ten miles away, perhaps. Best friend Toby T is in the back of my mind as well, and I recall that I have not seen him for years. I talk with the female about how I seemed as a child and throughout school, and no negativity is expressed.

At one point, after my dream apparently shifts, the female's car is in a parking lot and we are ready to go on to Mayfair. As is typical in my dreams, the car is rendered rather oddly; way too small, and somewhat unrealistic in overall appearance. I have to get in by putting my left foot on the floorboard, which is all there is room for (seeming about the size of a smaller ride-on lawnmower at this point), and hanging on while remaining half in and half out of the vehicle. My female driver has to do the same thing, and after a short time, leans back to recline almost horizontally as she then begins driving the car backwards for a time. I had gotten the impression immediately after getting in that the car would not get very far from being extremely weighted down, but there is no trouble.

Later, things seem a bit more "realistic" as I then seem to be inside a seemingly normal car looking out the window. I see a lot of very strange, nearly surreal, light-colored buildings, some of which look made out of unrealistically close tiers of seashells. One larger building stands out a bit more clearly, but a lot of similar buildings appear over time. The area also seems elevated and higher on a hill (where there are none in any region near where I lived in reality).

We end up near an area that reminds me of my middle school and after a time, people become annoyed by things I am saying about the past and certain ideas and choices people made (in reality, many people I knew no longer live in Arcadia). I end up floating several feet above the ground and shouting things like "You are the ones who are evil, you are the ones who are bullies", and so on (probably a highly distorted "replay" of the afternoon of March 15, 1974). This seems to have been instigated by blue light coming out of my left hand and getting brighter at times and thus people became suspicious even though it was related to healing intent. I then begin talking about the "bride of the lamb" (not in direct reference to Christ or the church in this case but a marriage of soul mates). I also mention my full birth date, which is apparently supposed to mean something to these people (though here it only related to pointless "news" such as: "A rare planetary alignment will occur during the winter solstice; it occurs every 24,000 years; at the end of the day December 20 2012, at midnight." - which is likely just misinformation by "doomsayers").

I end up flying off with two people (one on each side) who I am not even sure want to leave Mayfair, but we do anyway. It is possible that the dark-haired female (on my left) is another version of my wife even though my wife also stayed behind in the first part of my dream.

Curiously, I found out that Mayfair is actually a hotel in Miami (nowhere near Arcadia, though) in a place called Coconut Grove, it seems. It looks like the same building (from my dream) though I am fairly certain I had not seen it before or at least remembered it.

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