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Technical Follies

Morning of April 28, 2015. Tuesday.

This is a series of three dream events that are not directly related. The first is a love-making scenario with wife Zsuzsanna in a completely unfamiliar location indoors. The bed, which is in a corner of the room, is at least twice as wide as it should be and a bit longer.

Later, I am in the front room of our present home on W Street and my old foreman from La Crosse (Pat, deceased) is there, standing closer to the front door. There are at least five or six computer towers with the cases off that he (and perhaps myself) is supposedly responsible for fixing up or upgrading and they are all sitting upright at random angles on the floor. All of the computers seem to belong to an unknown female, possibly a businesswoman involved in production of the (unknown) company. The scene is somehow related to a new computer game or new technology related to computer games which is not yet released to the general public. However, there is confusion over the work to be done as I look on. I know there is something about an internal data bus related to the work, though there is writing on the back of each computer tower near the top and by the power supply (which seem to not be operational). Soon, there is confusion over what is being referenced, as I realize that "bus" is an anagram for USB. Therefore I start to reason that the work involves a universal serial bus. I look on the back of a couple of the computer towers and see various forms of fictional "words" made with the letters from USB; seemingly random patterns like UBSUBUU and similar, usually with an unknown female's signature, which I do not quite understand. Part of this is vaguely precognitive, as my oldest daughter's computer's adapter stopped working earlier this morning and she needs a new one.

In another scene, I seem to be at our present home, though there is no furniture in the area I am in. An unknown male (possibly Pat again; unsure) has a watering can indoors to my right. There is a large potted plant near the west wall also to my right. I am working while sitting on the floor with some sort of device that edits digital movies. For some reason, there are two parts of the movie that, when the frames begin in a particular section, actual water has to be poured onto the device to go into the movie (which does not make any sense, really) in that set of frames only - to only cover a certain number of minutes. I think one part is a scene where my two youngest sons are outside playing with a sprinkler or garden hose or at least playing or walking around outside. The other male splashes some water on the floor with the watering can but also waters the potted plant fairly well. (Often, the sound or awareness of water makes me lucid, but not in this case.) I wait so that I can use the watering can to properly "edit" the movie but wake prior to this task, having to go to the bathroom.

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