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waking metaphor within dream
Waking Metaphor (In-Dream Game Ends)

Morning of April 27, 2015. Monday.

As I have often unapologetically stated in numerous other entries, I have come to learn that many in-dream events (especially those in final scenarios) are little more than a metaphor for the sleeping, dreaming, and waking processes themselves (though may have other associations, including precognitive and visually exact remote viewing). This was quite obvious to me even as a child and this dream is a good example of that.

In my dream, I am in my home (though rendered as being much larger and more spacious for where the game console is) and I am playing some sort of first person computer game which is probably projected halfway up onto the southwest wall so that the top of the image of the playing field is near the ceiling - this setup of which is sparsely recurring but which I have never been part of in reality. As I have rarely played computer games in real life (other than "Doom" and "Age of Empires"), my dream is atypical of my real-life concerns. I am not even sure if it is a first person shooter. There is someone else in my dream, a younger unknown male, and I am possibly testing the game for him or his company as the environment of the game seems to possibly be in a debug mode.

As I maneuver through the maze-like game, there is really nothing to do except move and turn through hallways, though sometimes with unusual transparent "rods" at a corner stopping me from more freely making a turn - it is almost like moving past and pulling at a passive diagonally positioned wire-frame sea anemone (positioned near a set of about four wider steps to another hallway entrance) though nothing breaks; everything falls back into position if my maneuvering stretches parts of the environment (which is not that often). The look of the game is similar to the setting of "Doom" (though without any monsters/enemies) except there is no weapon in the foreground and the scenery has a semi-transparent appearance with wire-frame rendering in some areas (though not very extensive in detail) and mostly everything is a very light blue. Still, I am enjoying my success in getting through many hallways and ninety-degree turns though again, little else happens. In some cases, a wall facing me is slightly hard to distinguish from the entrance to a hallway.

Finally, making one turn to my left, a fairly short human-like furry "monster" of a darker blue emerges from a normal wooden door (not a real threat as it is just imagery in a computer game) though just stands in the doorway, and I soon begin to wake, being somewhat annoyed that this means that the game is over and that I need to start again from the beginning even though the figure (vaguely seeming more human-like over time) does not do anything. There is no option to shoot anything or even "attack", apparently.

Apparently, from my past dreams, it seems that playing a computer game in a dream is similar to rather pointlessly taking any kind of drug in a dream (both being metaphors for a type of less involved dreaming and separating yourself from the "directness" or potentially more realistic or more meaningful setting that dreams can offer); that is, separation from the deeper or more personal dream state (in this case, likely from sleeping a bit "too long" and literally needing to wake up and stretch - as my game involved walking around and exploring) just as dreaming of watching television is not being directly in the dream but being an outside observer and not integrated into your imagination more intimately, implying passivity or allowing yourself to be manipulated by mainstream or media-based consensus.

Doors opening most often represent waking or the need to wake - especially leaping through the doorway to escape from something and waking up at that exact moment (though sometimes relative to shifting in in-dream awareness when going through a particular doorway, which could actually draw you deeper into the dream). There are exceptions. "The Furry Orange Monster" (from October 30, 1970) ends in a very similar manner as this dream (though that one had two distinct layers of precognition). At any rate, the appearance of the monster in the doorway represents my conscious self waking my dream self (even though I do not see myself as a "monster" - this is likely just an incidental association with the computer game scenario and not having seen any characters in the game prior to this - though bear in mind it did become more human-like during the waking process). As one added note on "The Furry Orange Monster", I strongly detect an in-dream "replacement" metaphor. This time it represents me, although the case in the older dream, it turned out to be my older brother Jim wearing a Halloween costume. I have experienced many replacement metaphors in my life - it is another aspect of dreaming (though probably not that common) that I have never seen anyone else write about.

This becomes even more obvious from a very common lucid dream ability I used to use a lot in the 1980s and early 1990s. That is, closing a door with a wave of my hand and using telekinesis often made my dream far more "automatic" in my control of it in general, as I had then "closed" the metaphor for waking up, causing a higher awareness in my dream self each time I performed the act.

waking metaphor within dream
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