over 6 years ago
visiting a pawn shop
buying a movie projector
Lost Sale

Morning of April 26, 2015. Sunday.

The time period seems to be the present. My wife and I, and seemingly at least two of our children, are in some sort of store that sells various older items at discounts or unusually low prices (or so it seems at first). I am not fully sure if it is a pawn shop. The location is mostly unfamiliar though may be implied to be the pawn shop on Targo Street that we have never been in or more likely the shop (now closed and replaced by a laundromat) that was near the corner in the Parkvue building on Bourbong Street, which we only ever walked past fairly often. I make plans to buy a movie projector (in good condition) that I become more and more interested in having for some reason that now escapes me. There are a couple other things I think I will buy, but I do not recall what they are - possibly related to optional projector items. I seem to be in about the center of the store near a table. I am aware that the cost may be as much as $2,000.00, but I think there may be a sale to where it is much cheaper or possibly at least paying in installments. However, after several minutes pass, I discover that the movie projector is actually $20,000.00 (even though I seemed fairly certain of the other price) and I become angry and somewhat confused, especially as I had already begun the process of purchasing it. I am obviously not going to buy it now, though there is residual ambiguity about the whole pricing system at the store even as I wake. My dream is not that well-rendered or cohesive.

buying a movie projector
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visiting a pawn shop
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