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filming caper movies
filming movies in another time
Three Roles

Morning of April 25, 2015. Saturday.

I am working for some sort of movie production company and we are actively filming scenes for at least two different American caper movies on the same day, holding a camera while in a pickup truck and in other outdoor settings. The movies seem to have attributes of "The Sting" (from 1973 though set in September 1936) and "Paper Moon" (also technically a caper film from 1973 and also apparently and coincidentally set in 1936). At one point, the passenger-side door in front keeps opening and partly closing, causing the driver (a member of the film crew) to zigzag all over the street. There are a few other filming mishaps but nothing that dangerous. (I believe there is an incidental play on the name Addie Loggins from "Paper Moon", relative to both adding production costs and logging in to a website.)

There is also a subplot not related to the main theme. There are a few teenagers hanging out in what appears to be the last week of school (over time). A thin blonde male seems partly attracted to a light-haired female but does not always acknowledge her. This seems more as if it is being filmed in the 1950s rather than 1936. None of the characters in my dream are in any way familiar. I do not know any names in this scenario, either. A shorter dark-haired male is also interested in the same girl and at one point seems angry and sad about the other male ending up with her.

This is where events become atypical, although I have had similar dreams many years back, mostly only in 1990. Over time, I somehow occupy the bodies of the two main characters, both the male and the female, for fairly short periods for each and with an extremely augmented sense of touch and heightened general physical awareness. During each change, I actually intimately feel their emotions and loving thoughts about each other even though they are complete strangers to me personally. It does not seem all that odd to me in-dream and it is almost like I am an entity that needs to "remind" them of their destiny at certain points by becoming one of them for a short time and experiencing life through their individual perspectives. At some points though, I seem to be disembodied just on the periphery of their physical body.

filming movies in another time
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filming caper movies
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