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house turns upside-down
back on king street again
Flip-Flop House

Morning of April 21, 2015. Tuesday.

I am yet again living back in La Crosse at the King Street "flop house" though I seem to have more possessions than at the time in reality, as they are stored neatly and almost fill much of the room. Yet again, my dream somehow easily "erases" about twenty-five years of intimate experience and memory without a hint (at least at this point) of knowing any other life (again, so much for having "full access to the subconscious" in some dream types - a concept I continue to find more and more absurd as I get older - though it does depend on the dream type and level of overall liminal perception - and supraconscious-level, "sent" dreams or dream layers, and more defined remote viewing dreams remain an extreme exception).

I am outside later, and there is an impression that the house is unstable for lack of maintenance. The owners seem to be on vacation once again, as their camper is gone. I feel a sense of urgency in knowing that the house is going to "fall over". I try to warn a couple others on the sidewalk. However, this corner boarding house does not only collapse in a sense but actually dramatically flips like a pancake and is then perfectly upside-down. Many of the windows break and there is damage in the walls, ceilings, and floors, but it is still in mostly full form (at least the first two floors).

In a way, I am glad it has flipped like this, because I note that it will be easier to move my possessions by just going in and getting them and carrying them out over time at street level instead of tiring myself in going up and down the stairs as would normally be the case. Also, if the house had merely "fallen over", there would be far more of a strewn mess, making it harder to find my possessions (all of this being some sort of goofy in-dream faux "logic", I suppose). (Most of the third floor is crushed into the ground, though the second floor is now the first floor and fairly stable to move about in.)

At one point, I seem to be back inside the building, but it seems to be normal (possibly related to a typical dream "reset" or partial replay of an unfolding theme - "resets" or individual random scene replays being why people probably do not always remember the order of events as certain scenes repeat in a different order while others do not). However, it does seem to take place on the second floor, though the landlord and his wife lived on the first floor in reality, and this is where their relatives and friends also solely visit.

An extraordinarily attractive dark-haired female (who is a younger version of my wife upon conscious afterthought and realization) tells me that her mother had died in a car accident. Her mother is apparently the landlady, Mrs. W. We hug very compassionately (a common event in my dreams since childhood, and with an enhanced sense of touch, overall pressure, and weight) and she cries on my shoulder as I comfort her. It seems this female may become the new landowner and landlady, although I still do not yet realize she is actually my wife in real life. (Also, in real life, my landlady lived to be over a hundred years old.)

house turns upside-down
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back on king street again
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